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Dec 17, 2012
Preliminary (1/4 eps)
Once again coloration works has put out another Hentai well worth watching. The art is really well, regardless if this is a hentai or not one has to give credit to the animators and CG artist for their artwork and fluid motion.

This hentai is of the Harem/Vanilla type the main character doesn't want to get married so he goes about banging all the girls in the series (There are 5). If your a fan of Milfs this hentai is for you, if your a fan of really good artwork and if you like Ero game the hentai then you will definitely ...
Dec 24, 2011
Hatsu Inu is one the best rated and well liked hentais ever made, it part 2 of the series, like the first one, is based on the original H-Manga which is a 3 parter (Wish they actually animate the third part).

Why is Hatsu Inu so well liked? Simply put there's no way you can't like it. The main character bangs his GF, his stalker and the school nurse in the original one; in this its focused mainly on the main character and the two girls who like him, unlike the first one Mita doesnt trick him into banging her and ...
Dec 24, 2011
Aisai Nikki (Anime) add
OK for many of you who are wondering Aisai Nikki is not, i repeat NOT NTR. It may be listed as NTR (Netorare: Stolen Girlfriend/Wife) its not like any NTR you will ever see, key point being that the main character asks his friend to bone his Wife because he ummm.. whats a good way to put this, can't get it up :(. So it's not really NTR if the character does what he is asked to do, and doesnt dirt bag his way into sleeping with his friends wife.

All that being said Aisai Nikki has got to be one of the ...
Dec 16, 2011
Preliminary (Unknown/6 eps)
Let me just start of by saying this hentai is the epitome of excellence as far as hentai is concerned. Absolutely the best done hentai that I've ever seen, the quality and story rival that of top quality anime (might b a bit of hyperbole).

The story is incredibly done, not the typical hentai nonsense where the main focus is to get to the sex ASAP, they actually develope a scenario that makes the ecchi scenes all the better. Thr artwork takes 2nd to none, the ecchi scenes are well done; so fluid and so well drawn.

For all of you ...
Jun 12, 2011
cosplay sex machine is a rather unique hentai, hentai generally is predictable but with this one...not so much.

The main characters gets an android who can transform into anything he wants, and he makes good use of that.

The art work isn't so great but its definitely not so bad that you just can't watch. The sound is fine; nothing specular when it comes to the art and sound but the best thing about this hentai is it's scenario, guy gets a android who can turn into anything he wants.

This hentai is a decent watch, If your looking for something thats high quality ...
Jun 12, 2011
Let me start off by first saying this OVA should've been a full series, Watching this anime made me realize why I first started watching anime in the first place. Maybe it's just me but the ever repeating cycle of School based animes with boring leads and stereotypical archetype females became quite dull; that being said Denpa Teki na Kanojo is a breath of fresh air that left me hungering for more.

In my eyes their are several reasons why i will watch an anime through and through -A. Well written story with no plot holes, B. Great Cast of characters that you really ...
Mar 12, 2011
Before i write my review there's a few rules about hentai that apply (note: you can't judge anime and hentai the same, budget differences, time, and subject manor.) Hentai is fairly predicable it's either rape, incest, blackmail, guy banging every girl in sight, or stuff that makes you wonder who the hell likes this crap.

All that being said Anejiru is a story about a guy who has to fill up this bottle with his step-sisters love juices and blah blah blah who cares; the reason why I write blah blah blah because the story is insignificant it makes no difference what-so-ever. ...

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