Dec 24, 2011
Madmax11 (All reviews)
OK for many of you who are wondering Aisai Nikki is not, i repeat NOT NTR. It may be listed as NTR (Netorare: Stolen Girlfriend/Wife) its not like any NTR you will ever see, key point being that the main character asks his friend to bone his Wife because he ummm.. whats a good way to put this, can't get it up :(. So it's not really NTR if the character does what he is asked to do, and doesnt dirt bag his way into sleeping with his friends wife.

All that being said Aisai Nikki has got to be one of the better hentais out there, the sex scenes are done well and the main female character is pretty hot as well. For those of you who r not fans of DP dont watch the last about 7mins cause there is a DP scenel; Generally i myself h8 DP cause its not cool, but to be perfectly honest it was done really well in this one.

One of my biggest qualms when it comes to hentai is the male characters, it may sound weird and all but if a hentai has a male character that's not a D-Bag and isn't some old creeper than my enjoyment of the hentai goes up (In a completely no-sexual manner that is).

All in all I gave this hentai a 9/10, if they had more detailed scoring i would given it a 9.5/10 because it's in my opinion an all around really good hentai, TOP-5 in my book. No gross stuff, and about 4 sex scenes in all. Really hope they make a part 2