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Nov 12, 2019

I seem to be in the minority here, but I just... yeah.
When have standards fallen so low than anything remotely subverting a dead genre becomes 'groundbreaking'? Is something really good just by virtue of making fun of something else, regardless of execution?
It's not a secret that this show is heavily... borrowing... from other shows. Comparisons have risen. Defenders say 'but ___ doesn't have this joke or that!' which only makes one wonder: if this is so good, why do you feel the need to constantly say the shows it rips off aren't as good?
Given the concept and premise, I'm not going to criticize this based read more
Sep 12, 2019
Kiznaiver was... something.
Something strange.
At times I could see what they were trying to do. At times it succeeded--and very beautifully, too--and at times it made me feel like an AI had been told to write a series based on an algorithm.
The general premise has a vaguely-shaped world split by a vaguely-mentioned war with a city being set as an experiment by vague, mysterious higher figures wherein people would try to get united via a 'kizuna' experiment consisting of using people cosplaying as the dog thing from Paranoia Agent to kidnap teenagers (carefully selected so that they were to be as different from one another as read more
Mar 30, 2019
(WARNING: As I'll be basically describing what pissed me off about this anime the most--the plot--spoilers will be unmarked and abundant.)

I will start this with the question we're all asking: what happened?

Did the authors run out of ideas the last 25% of the show? Were they on drugs? Did they remember it was an Evangelion homage and forgot homage /= ripoff? Did they remember they were Trigger and had properties like Kill la Kill and, in a way, Tengen Toppa, and so they had to set the final battle in space to keep the streak up? Did they spontaneously start hating this show and read more
Oct 27, 2015
I guess I must be tsundere towards shoujo in general, rather than plain masochistic. The reason? I tend to dislike the genre because of all those generic heroines, bastard love interests and utterly pointless love triangles among countless other things. Yet because of series like Natsume Yuujinchou or Lovely Complex I keep torturing myself through all that wangst and forced drama. And, admittedly, it's worth it more often than not. Such is the case with Ao Haru Ride.

The premise is nothing out of the common--the two main characters used to like each other during middle school, got separated and then found each other again years read more
Oct 24, 2015
Expect no gunfights, bastard boyfriends or manly men trying to pierce the heavens. Based on an award-winning novel, the movie's also gotten a fair share of recognition, and I can see why.

Fourteen-year old Kobayashi Makoto has just committed suicide. Meanwhile, a soul carrying a heavy, unknown sin is suddenly chosen to go back to life in Makoto's body as a 'trial' to try and find out what it did, and how to redeem itself. Everything else is unwritten.

It is said that there's nothing harder to work on than a blank canvas, and the soul finds out the hard way. In a way, we do, read more
May 22, 2015
I have to admit I have a certain something against shoujo, and this show reminds me why. It's so... generic. So generic in fact I have difficulty thinking what exactly to review. Unpopular, average girl is paired up with the school idol due to certain circumstances... what's not to love...?

The main character, Erika, is easily dismissed as another generic female lead. She has absolutely nothing to distinguish her--save her tendencies to lie, and I got to admit she has a sort of talent to it if she can keep up with the other two girls she hangs out with. I find her to be fairly read more
May 22, 2015
I have no words. This is an anime I have been expecting ever since the first season ended with such a cliffhanger. Had I not read the manga and I would've lost any hope in Ishida whatsoever. Just... why, Pierrot.

As usual, I try to be unbiased, even though I read the manga, watched the anime's first season and legit enjoyed both, which just made this so much more painful. The story... it's a disaster. Was this supposed to be original content? Because the only two things actually changing were Kaneki joining Aogiri and Touka having a prominent role, and the earlier had no positive impact read more
May 22, 2015
Shoujo fans, rejoice. Here comes an anime that will most definitely salvage the genre among the cliché fest that seems to reign it these days.

Anime in general seems to be suffering a lot about being fairly generic these days. All shounen comedy seems to be an ecchi harem, just like its action counterpart ahs the hot-blooded, determinator archetype as a main character. Shoujo has been infested with a horde of main female leads shallow enough for the viewer to easily self-insert without feeling remorse, which are usually friendless and pretty without realizing they're pretty. Which, by the way, falls in love with the read more
May 22, 2015
I don't really know what drove me to watch this in the first place. Was it the hype? Hate? Both? Inori? Hey, I do appreciate good waifu material.

Sadly, I found none.
And plenty to hate.

I tried to be as unbiased as possible, as I'm aware how being aware of foreign opinions can affect the entertainment factor. I tried to look at the show for what it is, for what it tris to portray, and I tried. But there were times when I simply couldn't, which I'll mention later.

The story is a mess of epic proportions. It completely defies the old law of storytelling that states, "Thou read more
May 21, 2015
I can honestly say this review is completely unbiased, as I watched the show with no idea whatsoever of its reception. I marathoned it all in one night and decided to read some reviews atferward to see if anyone shared my thoughts about it.

Let's just say they did, but the negative aspects were amplified hundredfold.

First of all, the story. I'm going to be honest and say the idea seemed a bit weird, if not stupid, but I decided to give it the benefit of doubt. Giant humanoid cockroaches commanded by another pretty much immortal giant cockroach? A martian virus? A possibly alien read more