Nov 12, 2019
Lolitroy (All reviews)

I seem to be in the minority here, but I just... yeah.
When have standards fallen so low than anything remotely subverting a dead genre becomes 'groundbreaking'? Is something really good just by virtue of making fun of something else, regardless of execution?
It's not a secret that this show is heavily... borrowing... from other shows. Comparisons have risen. Defenders say 'but ___ doesn't have this joke or that!' which only makes one wonder: if this is so good, why do you feel the need to constantly say the shows it rips off aren't as good?
Given the concept and premise, I'm not going to criticize this based on the characters or setup itself, but rather, the execution.
I'm pretty easy to make laugh. I can and will enjoy all sorts of trash for what they are, too. I must say, to this show: exaggerated faces shouldn't be the peak of your comedy. What else is there? The protagonist is extremely OP and way too cautious. I mean, it's what the title says. Other than that... what else is there? The protagonist destroying the world more than the things he's supposed to save it from given his nature? I mean, yeah, it could work, and it could work pretty well, but repeating this exact same joke violates the principles of 'jokes become less funny with each successive repetition'. You can pull the running gag tirade if you're clever about it, but this show seems to believe that the hero causing nuclear levels of destruction to make sure a slime is dead while explaining this with a deadpan expression and the goddess freaking out was hilarious the first time, and so it ought to happen every other episode the exact same way, with the exact same timing and punchlines.
Comedy and horror are two sides of the same coin because they both rely on surprising the audience; with horror, you scare them and with comedy, you make them laugh. Essentially, though, to make these genres work, you have to play on expectations and keep them at the edge of their seat, and if the joke/scare is too obvious it should be because that's what the audiences look forward to as opposed to thinking 'oh no, they're not going to do THAT, are they?'.
Like I said, I'm not hard to please. I'll be cackling at the most inane things, which shocked me when I realized, halfway through the fourth episode, that I smiled only then (I don't remember for what, though it was with the show, not at it). Some of the jokes had a prety good foundation, but the punchlines fell flat by virtue of being things we have seen so many, many times already. Again: if your comedy relies on some character making exaggerated expressions, then you've failed at it.
With the serious but strange and expressive but relatively level-headed duo, it's to be expected that one of them does outrageous things while the other one reacts. That's fine. The problem is, all she does is scream and wiggle around as if to distract the audience from the fact no amount of wit was put into the joke. If she's not doing this, she's doing that classic 'scream into the sky' reaction which, quite frankly, tends to kill jokes for me more often than make them funnier. Compare and contrast to the how it's most obviously ripping off, KonoSuba, which isn't exactly guilt-free when it comes to repetitive gags but keeps finding different ways to set them up. Another show which I think suffers from the same issue is Seitokai Yakuindomo, but even that one managed to bring a surprise every now and then. Moreover, both of those shows actually made me laugh.
At some point, i wondered, too, what can I actually get from watching this show? It's depressing me and it obviously has nothing else to offer beyond the attempted comedy given it falls into the trap of 'make everything as cliché as possible and make fun of it so people won't notice' as well. I'm not saying clichés are bad or that a generic premise dooms the show... unless that's all there is.
Again, have our standards fallen so low that any piss-poor attempt at satire is to be applauded and defended for 'not being like the rest'? Does something being satirical give it the excuse to be creatively dead in every aspect? There is no tension, no depth to the characters, absolutely no feature of interest when it comes to the world, no laughs, and so I must say: what else is there? Moreover, should we, as consumers, just take in whatever we can and keep feeding mediocrity on the basis that 'it's not AS bad as ___'?
Again, not saying we're bad for watching trashy shows. I watch trashy shows. I like trashy shows. I rate them relatively high unless they piss me off in some way. I don't, however, justify their trashiness. I won't get defensive if someone else doesn't like it. Why should I? Why should we?