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May 16, 2017
When I think of "Femdom" I think of:

- A girl being dominant over the male (Check)
- Footjobs (Check)
- Forceful Blowjobs (Check)
- Dick teasing with Pussy (Check)
- Added bonus: If the girl does a "rape" skit when she lets the guy take over in order to make him feel even more like a sleaze ball (Check)

Story: Girl likes the guy, guy says "No", girl uses blackmail to get the guy (He isn't even in a relationship, so not NTR), and then she uses the fuck out of his dick for her own pleasure, not giving a shit about his own... It's your classic 2017 Romance story... read more
Apr 18, 2017
Not gonna spoil the plot, but I will say that this is based on a "Horror Hentai" manga... I did not know this when I first watched it and let me tell you there is no faster way to lose a boner than to have sudden horror pop up on your screen... Unless maybe you cut off your boner, but that's another story for another day...

Here is what is in the show though, the first episode covers the first chapter of the manga, of which there are at least 7 chapters. This chapter includes:

- Blow Job
- Tongue Job (When the tongue is long enough to read more
Apr 18, 2017
What this OVA/Anime/Hentai has:

- Femdom
- Reverse Rape
- Blow Jobs
- Hand Jobs
- Tit Fuck
- Normal Sex

If you enjoy a good Femdom hentai where the MC is basically raped instead of the girl then you will love this. I'm not going into the story because frankly there isn't much there, but the sex scenes are done amazingly well even if the main girl's proportions are a bit over the top, the way she handles the MC is just amazing. The lighting is well done, and the camera angles add to the overall stimulation that the series provides. The S&M scenes are not overly S&M, but you read more