Apr 18, 2017
LoliLivesMatter (All reviews)
Not gonna spoil the plot, but I will say that this is based on a "Horror Hentai" manga... I did not know this when I first watched it and let me tell you there is no faster way to lose a boner than to have sudden horror pop up on your screen... Unless maybe you cut off your boner, but that's another story for another day...

Here is what is in the show though, the first episode covers the first chapter of the manga, of which there are at least 7 chapters. This chapter includes:

- Blow Job
- Tongue Job (When the tongue is long enough to wrap around the penis and "massage" it)
- Monster Girl (Giantess)
- Milf
- Shota
- Normal Sex
- Breast Sucking
- Femdom (Giantess overpowers the Shota...)
- Reverse Rape (It's a shota...)

The character designs are really good, and the art is done well as well. The sound is pretty good as it conveys the different shifts in the mood well. And the story is pretty good for a Hentai, it is trying to tell a horror tale so they had to pay attention to that. The only real place this Hentai loses points for me is in the enjoyment department, of course enjoyment factor is incredibly suggestive for Hentai due to different people having different fetishes... However If one enjoys hentai that gives a scare perhaps that wont experience what I did and you would enjoy it better than me, that said the actual sex scenes where really well done, and they get the "Job" done for the viewer.

Now that I know what to expect I am hoping they animate the other 6 chapters as well, not all of them are Shotacon, or Lolicon, but each one has a unique story that you can actually read (or watch) and enjoy just for the slight spook factor...