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Jan 6, 2019
“Sangatsu no lion” is an anime with a focus all over the place. It isn’t really a good “drama” anime neither is it a good “seinen” anime, its shogi aspects is also sometimes rather forgotten and taken aside to have lots of slice of life comedy moments. Especially at the beginning there is probably 20% drama and 80% comedy. So if you came to see a mature take on a sports anime with drama and a lot of maturity, in the fashion of something like “Ping pong the animation”, “sangatsu no lion” isn’t really the show you were looking for. However it does create read more
Dec 13, 2015
(Disclaimer: If you havent seen this show yet I would recommend reading the synopses of it before reading this review. Also, this review covers both season 1 and 2, since they are not really separated)

Fate/Stay night UBW is an anime of many genres. It tries to sell itself as an action anime, but this anime consists of very limited actions scenes. It tries to present a deeper story with lots of ancient heroes, which is meaningless since they never tell anything about them in greater detail. Last but not least this anime also got a harem and a highschool aspect which were completely unecessary.

So read more
Jul 29, 2015
HxH is one of the many overrated shounen anime out there and I can summarize my review with one sentence: „If you became kinda interested in HxH, because you have heard it’s so much more than just a shounen, don’t believe it, because it is exactly that, just another shounen." Now I’m not a fan of shounen, and if you read this review you will find out why, so this anime is not made for me, but just for more diversity in views I will analyze this anime a bit closer.

HxH is one of those anime where you can literally see the quality dropping, with read more
May 22, 2015
If you have seen „Mawaru Penguindrum“ or Ikuhara Kunihikos latest work: “Yuri Kuma”, you are well aware of the artistic presentations this director puts into his shows. “Revolutionary Girl Utena” is one of his earliest works and it has very similar styles of execution to it and it is by far more enjoyable to watch than his later works.

What makes Utena(for short) more enjoyable is that he didn’t rely on sexservice to get the attention to his shows, so you can enjoy Utenas artsistic style fully without any interference like in Penguindrum or in Yuri Kuma. But when you look beyond that the show read more
Apr 28, 2015
„When Marnie was there“is the latest movie from studio Ghibli. I think this movie deserves more attention, which is part of the reason I wrote this review about it. The movie is a lovely character story which is watchable just for its stunning visuals (it’s from Ghibli after all).

The story revolves around a young girl called Anna, who moves away from town to the more relaxing countryside, because she got it recommended from her doctor after having anxiety attacks. The movie is basically showing Annas experiences in this new environment, the things she does and especially the people she meets. She becomes friend with read more
Dec 23, 2014
“The tale of the princess kaguya” is an anime that really needs more attention, though I have to say that it’s not a movie for everybody, especially not for the average anime fan. It’s a movie drama that presents what a noble woman (girl) has to go through in the mediaeval times of japan in order to be socially accepted and be called beautiful. It goes even a bit father and touches the controversy of the mediaeval believe that woman only need to be beautiful and to get a noble husband to be happy. But don’t expect a deep psychological approach on this aspect, since read more
Nov 1, 2014
Legend of the galactic heroes (LotgH short) is a space opera with a big galactic war as its main theme, where 2 nations are facing each other, The republic side, a democratic nation and the imperial side, which is more of a monarchy. It focuses around the story of 2 young strategists who grew up in opposite nations, each being apparently a prodigy and each fighting for their nation to win.

The problem I have with this anime is that; on the one hand it seemed to focus on making its war story as realistic as possible, like a documentary in a way which makes it read more
Sep 25, 2014
Saibi (Anime) add (All reviews)
Saibi is a movie about how horrible life can be and how horrible some people can become. It focuses heavily on the ideas of right and wrong and how far you would go to represent your opinions. Would you even destroy happiness of others to do so?

The story takes place in a poor village in South Korean. In this village is a small Christian church which a lot of the villagers visit, to pray and hope for a better afterlife. You as the audience focus the conflict between the main protagonist and this church. The main protagonist is for me the most unlikeable character read more
Jul 19, 2014
“Mushishi” is an anime that I would use as one of the best examples for „artistic“ anime. An anime is artistic when the purpose isn’t to tell the audience a normal story (which means it has distinguish start and ending, characters and everything else a “normal” story needs) but to present them a creative work, so something other than normal.

Lets look at the word “Art” before:
The very definition of art by Wikipedia already says: “Art refers to works of creative expression”
Well art is a very subjective word, so everyone can make something and call it art, or claim that something he likes is read more
Jun 23, 2014
I think the movie has 2 major problems. One is that the movie has no focus. The movie is about 2 hours long and tries to cover the life of the plane engineer Jirou Horikoshi, with his childhood, his experience with the Tokyo earthquake of 1923, his travels to europe, his plane building career and his love life with his wife. In addidtion to all of that the movie has a lot of dream sequences. I think of all these aspects only the dream sequences seemed finished, everything else is just an unfinished product, cut short of what its suppost to be. Take his wife read more