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May 6, 2019
This is one of those shows that I really enjoy despite everything suggesting otherwise. Like, the animation is bad. Really, really bad. Just unacceptably jerky and awkward and weird. But it deserves better animation, that's for sure. I like the characters mostly, especially Theo and Kohaku- the art style isn't even that bad, considering how just unbelievably shitty the animation is. I also like the gay subtext with Arata and Kohaku (though that just might be me, a known gay, wearing my shipping goggles and being desperate.) It's also neat how the mythical creatures encountered aren't all japanese or european- Huehuecoyotl is Mayan, which is read more
Dec 6, 2018
The story is about a young man who has to deal with a cat boy who just kind of shows up and starts living with him. The plot seems to be completely incidental- every event exists only to prompt more cute moments- but because of the short episode length (about 3 minutes each) it doesn't really matter. The characters- mangaka Da Shu and his new roommate, felinoid twink Miao, aren't exactly 3 dimensional jump-out-of-the-screen characters, but they're still entertaining to watch, and there is a massive moe element to Miao- I just want to hug him! The art style is also very fun, simplistic, read more