May 6, 2019
LizardThirty (All reviews)
This is one of those shows that I really enjoy despite everything suggesting otherwise. Like, the animation is bad. Really, really bad. Just unacceptably jerky and awkward and weird. But it deserves better animation, that's for sure. I like the characters mostly, especially Theo and Kohaku- the art style isn't even that bad, considering how just unbelievably shitty the animation is. I also like the gay subtext with Arata and Kohaku (though that just might be me, a known gay, wearing my shipping goggles and being desperate.) It's also neat how the mythical creatures encountered aren't all japanese or european- Huehuecoyotl is Mayan, which is really cool because you don't see many mayan myths even in western shows. I'm really looking forwards to seeing what cool stuff they do in later episodes!!!