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Jul 1, 2010
For ease I will divide the review into the given sub-sections.

In a nutshell, the plot of Love Hina revolves around Keitaro Urashima and a set of teenage girls. Each episode focuses on their antics whilst, simultaneously depicting Keitaro's failings as he attempts to get into the acclaimed Tokyo University. The overall plot itself is basic, and the pace slow. Sadly this makes it uninspiring, and laborious to watch.

The attempt to drag out the romance for the sake of humour just did not work. The initial focus - to get into Tokyo University - is eventually lost within a collage of recycled, over-used "jokes", these involving read more
Aug 25, 2009
I'd like to begin this by saying sorry to those who loved it, as I can see there are a lot who do. It's just that I look for something more in anime. I'd heard this anime lacked plot, focussed more the slice of life qualities, and had little point to it. I was ready for that. But I didn't expect the truth in these points to be as extreme as it was.

(I would also like to let readers know that I've seen half of this anime. I may not have watched it all, but I did give it a chance.)

Even those who loved it read more
Sep 4, 2008
When I first heard of this movie, I didn't expect to like it a lot, but it looked good enough to watch so I decided to get it out of curiosity more than anything, and I am very glad I did.

I felt that the plot - which has already been handled in game and anime series form - was dealt with very well in this movie. It didn't drag on, and there were moments that placed me on the verge of tears. I obviously can't compare it to the game or anime but in a nutshell it's: simple but thought-provoking; heart-warming and heart-wrenching; perfectly read more
Jan 6, 2008
Well, I'm not a fan of Naruto. I didn't watch the series before the movie. I bought the movie to see if it would help me get into the series, and I can't say it did.

First off, I found the story to be slow, although this could be because of my mindframe at the time. By no means should you base choices on my review; I'm not a huge fan of this kind of anime. The quality of the story was somewhat like that of the InuYasha movies, only even slower imo.

The art was as good as any other basic anime really. I won't mark read more
Jan 6, 2008
Despite what people say, this film was not awful. Okay, it didn't quite match up to the magical, epical, astounding, spellbinding, memorable, groundbreaking quality of the game series, but think of it as a normal SciFi movie and you'll be fine. That's right, SciFi. It's not really what I would classify as fantasy.

The story was quite simple, but decent enough. It had some good qualities, but nothing new. There were a couple of unexpected moments, some romance, action, and some interesting ideas. However, it wasn't nearly as good as what people hoped it to be. I preferred it to Advent Children since it was a read more
Jan 6, 2008
After reading Fushigi Yugi by Watase, I have been captivated by her work. Not only is the art good, not only is the story good, and not only are the characters believable, but the very ideas she shares through her work are thought-provoking and inspirational. Imadoki is no exception to this.

The story might not be epical, might not work on as many levels as Watase's Fushigi Yugi, but it's just as charming and meaningful. It manages to remind us that we all have different ways of "blooming", of showing who we are, and different reasons to smile. It's not a long manga, so there are read more
Jan 6, 2008
I cannot believe that no one has yet submitted a review on this multi level, multi themed, multi quality manga. Because I feel it to be necessary, I am going to separate this review into two halves; two reviews. One for what was meant to be the series (1-13) and one for what became of the series (14-18)

My ratings are actually based on this first review; the main series itself.

First off, the story is astounding; my favourite to date. It was original and intriguing, emotional and inspirational, gripping and not predictable. It worked on several levels, allowing it to appeal to a wider audience than read more
Jan 6, 2008
When I picked this up off the shelf an odd year ago or so, I wasn't sure what to think. So, here's some help to those of you who aren't sure; what I DID think.

The story itself was, overall, very good, but there were times where a chapter simply added nothing to the overall plot. They felt like filler chapters, but luckily the short length meant there were very few of these. Even so, the story (and side stories) were charming and often fun to read. There were innuendos everywhere; Saati (the main female) didn't understand them and made good humour while Toeni (a second read more
Jan 6, 2008
Recently, I have been looking at various series films, without actually watching the anime beforehand. This was one of the films I picked on amazon, and it was the one and only anime that has ever made me cry. The film, while a little OTT in places, was so deep and heart wrenching that I couldn't help but shed a few tears for the characters.

The story, while fairly simple, was charming and romantic. There were a few unexpected twists, some comical moments, and a couple of brief-ish fight scenes, but the main basis and theme here was romance.

The animation, while not fab, was decent read more
Dec 28, 2007
The story of Immortal Rain is one which captured me from the first page. The serene yet tense atmosphere in the first few pages drew me in instantly. From then on it's full of action, suspense, humour, beauty, romance, symbolism, joy and dispair, regret and hope... All sorts.

The characters are simply superb.The first book allows the reader to get to grips with the personalities of the main two and as the story progresses through the first 4 books, we learn more about Machika and Rain; their backgrounds, their painful memories and hopeful spirits. It makes the two truly enchanting,

The art is, for the read more