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Jan 28, 2020

Exact same story as every Corpse Party game, the series and manga - exactly what you expect is going to happen.


The art is decent but it is nothing in particular. The artist clearly has his own style that works well, it just happens to be just an average manga in terms of the style and such.


Miyu Shinohara - A bubbly transgender-female who went to school with the main gang and has a crush on Satoshi (like everyone else) and ended up getting herself decapitated.
Principal - The man who cares more about the school than anyone else, he goes above and beyond to make sure the read more
Jan 13, 2020

I don't really know what to say about the story... is there one? Kind of? There are at some parts and in some chapters, but most is just going about, well, the daily lives of highschool boys. There really isn't that much to say about it otherwise. A chapter follows a plot and it follows through nicely, but when these span over several chapters, they are a lot more amusing and engaging.


Yasunobu Yamauchi is an amazing mangaka, and he actually dulled down with this series, on purpose mind you. He liked the idea of making a simpler design that would better represent and display the read more
Jan 5, 2020

The story is enjoyable for the most part but is very confusing to those who have not read the book. A lot of people who have read the book, however, complain that this movie confused even them with the plot. Overall though, the story was enjoyable nonetheless.


They were aiming for the animation and art to be clean yet feel old at the same time, and I feel like they captured this very well.


The sound in this was good but not great. It was enjoyable to listen to a lot of the time, but some of the characters voices change into a different tone and I read more
Jan 5, 2020
Watching this about 2 years after watching the series feels like I just unlocked some heavy PTSD that I had no idea I had. This is basically the responses from the gang to the letter's that Menma wrote. This digs into your heart and I couldn't help tearing up. If you loved the series, this doesn't add much but hearing their reactions as they write letters back to her is just so beautiful. I highly recommend watching this if you enjoyed the series. It feels like Menma is still with them even after they "found" her. It made me end up rewatching the ending of read more
Jan 2, 2020

The story of Howl's Moving Castle is utterly beautiful. There are not a lot of movies that manage to keep me enthralled throughout without me curious of pausing and checking how long is left on instinct, but the plot was so engaging that I found myself loving every single second of it.


The art is stunning, when watching it I felt fully immersed and enamoured by the whole thing. The amount of detail put into the houses and just people that show up in the background is like I am in that world altogether,


One of the main things that strings everything together in this movie is read more
Dec 28, 2019
The story has become a bit repetitive to get a lot more episodes in compared to the original which had 6-7 episodes for each season, so it didn't feel like the story was always there. Nonetheless, they did a good job with this and made these episodes still engaging and never made it seem "boring" as I have seen some people complain.

The art is a lot better than previous seasons but the colour at certain parts still confuses me, but it is a lot more consistent than previously which is a good jump.

The sound is where all of the memes come from, people who have read more
Nov 12, 2019
Story - This has to be my favourite Studio Ghibli film so far - it is so engaging in every aspect. Unlike most movies, you never properly feel like the characters are in danger, and this movie ends up being more of a relaxing film to watch due to how soothing and cute it is. I am a big fan of action, and although there was not a lot in this, I still found this to be an AMAZING movie.

Art - If you compare this movie to the rest of Ghibli's works (other than My Neighbours the Yamadas), it stands out as odd. It isn't read more
Nov 8, 2019
This was amazing - both OVAs kept me engaged the whole way through and really made me fall in love with the characters all over again, and my Yatori ship has been ackowledged. The second OVA feels like a necessity to watch for all Noragami fans in general.

Story - The story behind the 2 OVAs was engaging and really enjoyable the entire way through.
Art - They upped their game here and they really went for the artistically pleasing route a lot harder, and it worked!
Sound - The sound quality was good but it wasn't particularly engaging aside from the characters voices.
Character - Yukine has grown read more
Nov 3, 2019
This was such an amazing movie, one of Ghibli's and Hayao Miyazaki's best works. I would highly recommend this movie if you want something wholesome that still engages you with action the whole way through. Spirited Away, or should I say Blew Me Away, is cute and fun all the way through and all of the characters are loveable in their own unique ways. Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi is a must-watch for all Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki fans. At some parts, the sound was a bit off but it is an old film - you cannot tell it's age with ease either.