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Oct 1, 2022
If you base this series on the first episode alone, you will consider it to be a childish show with little appeal to anyone who has surpassed their teenage years. However, if you stick with it and approach even the second episode, you are likely to end up how I did, addicted to the plot and its cliffhangers. This is the story of a boy who is committed to proving to everyone, as well as himself, that he is capable of surpassing all expectations and going even further beyond!

This art style threw me off at first as it is very unique - a ...
Aug 21, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
The plot of Spy x Family feels very unique and, in its own way, like a breath of fresh air to the anime community. A lot of recent releases have felt very similar to one another and using the same plot basis as each other and it is just becoming a bit... boring. Although this series can be quite predictable and I have some decently confident predictions about how this series will end, it manages to consistently make me smile without feeling overly repetitive.

The art style is super smooth and fits this show! I love how it doesn't shy away from trying ...
Aug 15, 2022
Vagabond (Manga) add
Preliminary (327/327 chp)
There is a reason that this manga is considered one of the greats... yet I still barely see anybody ever talking about it. I understand that it is not currently releasing chapters and was put on hiatus with no near end in sight, but that does not change how good this manga actually is. I highly recommend this for those interested in action manga - with a splash of comedy and raw emotion, even occasionally filling you with anger at times, this is a series that truly engages the reader and will also teach you quite a lot about Japanese history.

The art style ...
Aug 13, 2022
Shikimori is not just a cutie, she is also a girl capable of making a potentially good romance anime into one of the most painful experiences an anime fan can go through. Whilst the series does have its moments that can make you smile through its humour or general story enjoyment, it is so overhyped yet so underwhelming that you will just be in for a massive letdown if you think this is any better than the standard romance revolving around a weak-minded male character struggling to make basic conversation.

This art style is probably the saving grace of this entire series, stopping me from giving ...
Jul 30, 2022
This serves as an interlude special between Stone Wars and New World and feels more like a movie than a normal special - but it feels like people may skip this and go straight to New World from Stone Wars and miss out on important plot points.

The art style appears to be cleaner and an improvement upon the previous series, but... a lot of the characters are made to look very similar, so some are a little bit hard to tell apart at certain angles.

A wider cast of voice actors for this one and I imagine from here on it will grow exponentially - at ...
May 6, 2022
Mixed Feelings
This is a recap of the first series and a preview for the second. The recap is read by Olivier up until the preview of the second series, then he stops talking over the video.

Essentially the same art style as before but looks slightly cleaner, showing improvement from the animators, rather than a typical regression that a lot of series face.

They reused all of the sound effects and music from the first series with little to no alteration. The only difference seemed to be different voiceover lines.

Vanitas (Quack, Kin of the Blue Moon, Vincent, No.69) - The titular protagonist.
Apr 18, 2022
The plot of this series is great but very predictable. It is well done but it feels like if you were trying to guess exactly what was to happen next, you would more than likely guess correctly.

Now, THIS was a series that love was put into! The animators did well with this and the art style was gorgeous. However... this art style did turn this beloved shounen... into feeling a lot more like a shoujo. Nevertheless, it was still very enjoyable.

You will listen to both this intro and outro and have very mixed feelings about it at first, but don't skip it! As ...
Apr 10, 2022
The plot of WorldEnd had some moments of predictability but was still enjoyable to watch nevertheless. None of it felt like filler and each episode ended with me excited for the next.

The animators outdid themselves with this one. The detail on the wings and the flow of hair really sets a strong tone - it felt like the animators really enjoyed working on this piece and put their all into it.

I really felt the emotion from the voice actors and also felt that the sound design as a whole was done well. The sound design always seemed to fit well with what was happening ...
Mar 25, 2022
We follow the story of a girl... who... leaps through time... maybe you already got that? The concept is commonly used but it is pulled off well here and it is no surprise it got the awards it did, nor is it surprising it was so enjoyable considering the original novel was very well written.

The art style was decent for 2006 but has not aged very well in terms of general style, and in fact feels very generic.

The voice acting was very good and the music felt like it generally fit the movie very well and made the movie much more enjoyable.

Makoto Konno - ...
Mar 20, 2022
This story was kind of... average? It didn't jump out to me at all but it was a relatively intuitive concept. It was enjoyable, but it did not feel like anything particularly special.

My opinion on the animation jumps from being very engaged to being able to tell the different layers apart - you can see when something is a background layer because the art style isn't actually the same.

The voice acting is comedic and well done. The openings and endings were decent. They kind of blended together a bit but were good to bob your head to.

Kona Furugoori (Frau Koujiro) - ...