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Feb 15, 2021
This anime seems to have a lot of mixed reviews, but personally, I REALLY liked it. From start to finish it gives you a rollercoaster of emotions and you can go from happy, to sad, to angry and back to happy all at once in a heartbeat.

The art style for this is very clean. When you consider that this was the director's first movie - you realise just how amazing and impressive everything has been put together. I would expect this from someone with many years of filmmaking - they clearly knew the talents of the artists and worked well with them.

The voice acting was read more
Feb 13, 2021
This shows what happens right before Haikyuu!!: To the Top and Nekoma going through National Qualifiers with Fukurodani High School, Nohebi Academy, and Itachiyama Academy.

They changed up the art style in 2020... and I am really not sure how I feel about it. Whilst it looks a bit cleaner, the design that has stuck throughout just feels off and strays quite a bit from the series that I have grown accustomed to.

Not much to say about the sound for this. They play songs at the end but even though they are good - they are not anything I would go out of my way to read more
Feb 5, 2021
There isn't much to say about this one. This is essentially a recap of the first season, but also a teaser for the next one. As far as recap/teaser trailers go, this was done VERY well. Usually, they are incredibly boring and sitting through them can just feel painful - but this was enjoyable and scenes were shown briefly before moving on since this is the length of a single episode. It ends with what will either be at the start of Season 2 or Season 2 will follow immediately after it. Either way, enjoyable like the rest of the series.
Jan 22, 2021
This essentially recaps the Third Season of Haikyuu!!. This movie, although a recap, is phenomenal. If they had this movie instead of the third season - you would still be extremely engaged as you were during S3.

The art style is on par with the third season and is very well detailed. The small details on the faces and outfits of Shiratorizawa leaves you with your mouth agape

The sound effects here are very well used and well placed, it all flowed smoothly and the dramatic silences, as well as voice acting, were all phenomenal.

Shouyou Hinata (Simpleton Idiot, Chibi-chan, Dumbass)

Tobio Kageyama (King of the Court, Bakageyama, Bateyama-kun, read more
Jan 2, 2021
This essentially recaps the Second Season of Haikyuu!!. Well, they miss all of the other matches and just show clips of previous scenes, getting into the Auba Josai match. It is all the sane except that towards the end, just before the credits, you see just how close Oikawa and Iwaizumi really are and get a glimpse of their friendship and their true bond.

The art style is only slightly less detailed in this recap and reuses some scenes, so at times it felt a little lazy.

This movie, as you would expect, uses the same sound effects and music as the series.

Shouyou Hinata (Simpleton Idiot, Chibi-chan, read more
Dec 29, 2020
The plot is essentially following a scientist having to start off humanity again from the stone age and rushes to get back to how society was before the world fell apart, through science. So, the story is both innovative and engaging throughout.

The art style is clean but it feels like something that came out in 2017 rather than 2019, and in that respect, I feel like it could have been a bit better.

The music was good both as the ops and the eds, as well as the music actually in the show. It wasn't the best but it was something you could come back to read more
Dec 17, 2020
This is now my favourite anime movie. From start to finish, I was fully engaged and enjoyed this to the full. I found myself on the edge of my seat several times and enthralled by the many twists and turns and not knowing what will come next. This came out 4 years ago, but very few movies now come even close to comparing to this one. I am confused as to why there are two pubs next to each other and neither of them went out of business. The premise of swapping bodies with someone and wanting to meet each other is a common trope, read more
Dec 16, 2020
The most popular anime series. Does it deserve it? Well, yes and no. The idea of being able to write someone's name down and they die has been around for centuries. However, the way it is pulled off here is like no other piece of media has done before. It is the #1 most popular for this very innovative reason, as well as that the plot and characters themselves are very unique and engaging.

The art style of Death Note is not the best, but it came out 11 years ago. In that sense, it holds up well, but there are a lot of times where read more
Nov 27, 2020
They managed to get an entire 10 episode season just from one match. What's more, it is the best season yet. We saw all of the characters improving in the last season, as well as Ennoshita having more of an introduction. We see a bit more of Narita but not much. The real key difference here was the development of Tsukishima's character.

This is MUCH cleaner than previously. They keep the same essential style but it is animated much better and it feels very smooth and looks it as well. The detail on some of the facial expressions is intense and they have had serious improvements read more
Nov 22, 2020
As far as I can tell, this plot is a role reversal for the characters - Chitoge swapping with Senjougahara and Onodera swapping with Hanekawa.

The art is very simple as this was just an April Fools prank by the studio and as such, there is not much animation shown, but the way they stylised the character swap actually had a lot of small details to them, so it is clear that they had most likely planned this prank for several months.

Even as a 1-minute fake trailer, I am very glad that they chose a song by ClariS as it keeps the theme of both of read more