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Aleczandxr Yesterday, 4:13 PM
It’s got its problems but I’m enjoying it a lot - my past posts on Twitter and my tags for each of the completed seasons are pretty good summations of my thoughts on the series as I’ve gone on.
Ryuseishun Jun 17, 6:24 PM
Yea I really loved s1. It was very engaging and didn't commit the crime of useful info dumps or terms like most other related shows do nowadays.

S2, on the other hand, disappointed me so much because it didn't add anything particularly helpful or important to the story and also contradicted many of the points that S1 made. It also added many characters whom I couldn't really care about, tbh, especially the other new protagonist, cause she gets on my nerves. The sequel film didn't really add much, either....just a side story of s2 that has its saving grace with Kougami reappearing in person after being completely MIA in s2.

Hopefully s3 goes back and sticks to the stuff that made s1 an amazing work of art.
EnigmaLXXXVIII Jun 9, 5:04 PM
God, I think I've talked to 5 people about this very anime :P

OK, so I'll start with the negatives first. The Garden of Sinners doesn't have a single ongoing plot line because every episode is a time skip, making it very hard to care about anything transpiring. It vaguely explains any of the outside world, and the overall significance of anything going on in the story. However, there is a comfort in this simple minded storytelling that can be enjoyed, if you like that kind of storytelling. Some of the side characters also suffer from the same kind of unfocused storytelling, and can come across as shallow, due to their little amount of development or relevance throughout the narrative.

Now for the positives. The visuals is simply gorgeous, as with any ufotable production (they go for about a 8 on the earlier ones, and a 9 on the later ones, due to the production gap preceding each one). The sound is also of high quality, again courtesy of ufotable (ranges about a 7-8). The best part about this series however, is the romance between the main characters. It's the equivalent to and average anime protagonist trying to date Rei Ayanami. The female lead, Ryougi Shiki, is a distant person who has a very interesting uprsising, in that she was trained for combat because her parents couldn't produce a male air to their rich family. Her design is done extrememly well, that being a pair of boots, a red jacket, and a kimono, making for a design that both looks pretty cool and retains femininity. The male lead, Koktou is pretty much a basic anime MC who falls in love with Ryougi, and comes across as pretty boring, but the reason for this is later unraveled to be something more than just that. I guess a word of warning if weren't already obvious, but this romance is slow and subtle. The end is pretty satisfying, and the episodes after that also indirectly tell you what happens to the after them end of the main story.

Overall, the series as a whole for me is a solid 7, and is definitely worth a watch. The sound is absolutely beautiful and atmospheric, complimenting the equally great visuals nigh perfectly. If not for that, then for the pretty enjoyable romance. This series is not without it's faults, however, and this can defiantly be seen in the abysmal 5th episode.

Anyway, don't skip any of the episodes, as they are all fairly important to show the growth of Ryougi and Kotkou's romance over time.
AndoCommando Jun 6, 2:40 AM
Thanks for the Friend Request :)
Ryuseishun Jun 4, 9:56 AM
I agree with your updated review. Dororo's story is still very nice, but honestly it shouldn't be going 24 episodes because the second half's writing does felt dragged out (at least not like Bleach or other shounen series not named HxH and YYH xD). That's a problem that the 1969 version of this show had, too, plus other things. Also, REALLY missing the first OP cause that shit was FIRE.
Thorf May 27, 2:28 PM
Yea the ratings everywhere is incredible.

WIT are doing really well considering by the time the first episode had aired, they'd only finished animating 4-5 episodes!

If the rumors are true I doubt any studio will be able to do it justice, even IG to an extent. I don't care too much though, because at this point nothing can go wrong.
Thorf May 27, 2:11 PM
No problem. The latest episode of AOT was my favourite btw, I had to create that episode thread first lol. Surprised I beat Stark700 to it because he makes 99% of the episode threads. What did you think of it?
Thorf May 27, 2:04 PM
Haha yeah I love AOT, easily my favourite show of all time and that'll likely never change.

Mo Dao Zu Shi is incredible, but I'm not sure if it's exactly for everyone. It starts off fast paced and mysterious, and basically ALL of the show after the first 2 episodes is backstory. Think of it like the golden age arc from berserk, if you're familiar with it. It has it's highs and lows, but the final 5-6 episodes were great. Also, the art and animation is probably the best you'll ever find lmao. If you're interested, you should check it out considering the second season is coming in a month. Though one issue you could have is that they speak Chinese. You definitely get used to it after a few episodes and it's fine after that. Also, no matter what anyone says, the anime is NOT BL. The novels apparently are, but definitely not the anime.
Thorf May 27, 1:55 PM
Hello, thanks for the friend request! What's up?
SNK26 May 27, 1:47 PM
Ty for the request. ^^

That picture of Violet is gorgeous. <3
Aabaran7 May 27, 11:08 AM
hey man thanks for the add
ruoson May 25, 4:53 AM
If it's a text-based discord then sure.
ruoson May 24, 2:14 AM
Hi, I see you comment on reddit a lot and I like your taste.

I see that you're a fan of Black Clover. What do you think about it? I honestly didn't expect to love it so much. It's such an endearing shounen that's a blast to read.
LonelyRecluse May 23, 9:59 PM
Hey there!!
luuffey May 23, 7:22 PM
that was fast