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Aug 3, 2016
Being the result of a Kickstarter project, and a controversial one at that, the reviews are mixed. Some praise it to the skies, while others burn it to the ground. It all comes down to one thing: expectations. Some give extra credit for producing something like this on a KS budget, or as KS Backers themselves felt they got a good return on their investment, while others had nothing to do with the KS campaign, or other Backers might feel they were promised more. To understand a bit about how people have come to judge this OVA, some knowledge of its history is perhaps required.

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Nov 29, 2014
One word review:


Halfway through a 12 episode single cour first season, one simply does not need a recap episode, especially not one that adds no new or revisited material and hardly has any editing.

The material recapped is included exactly as shown in the original six episodes, and no narration is provided to further elaborate on the events or even highlight them. Also, the recap has little potential for newcomers to the series, as it covers only a small amount of material, than can easily be caught up. At the same time if, in the future, a second season is made and someone wants, for whatever read more