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Nov 9, 2019
45 hours, 109 episodes, non stop. What a great journey it was!

That's pretty tough piece to review, not only bacause of it's age, but as well it's the very first mahou shoujo anime out there. Mother to the whole genre. And it's full of it's flaws and downs.

The story is very generic, from the beginning till the very end. Everything's about Sally, the witch girl out of space that end up on earth with people of the same age and mentality as her. After some time she decides to stay and pretend that she's human and make some friends with the other girls. Then read more
Oct 2, 2019
What an piece of art. And I mean that.

Overall it's nothing original here, but enjoyment and honesty of the creators is stunning. We'll know that lovely art quality is nothing but regular basis from the Production I.G Studio. Am I wrong?

On the very beginning I was hoping that this beautiful 'paited' animation will last for the whole series. But I do actually expected that it'll finish sooner or later. But quality of the further animations was nothing but bloody perfect. Beautifully crafted with some of 'painted' animations for some of retrospections (some because mostly there is only 'painted' effect on top of the regular read more
Sep 27, 2019
What a hard piece to review.

It's hentai, a decent one. So quite rare thing. But decent from completely different reasons than usually. The story? What the actual fuck… I didn't understand a bloody thing from what was happening on the screen. Apart from a sex scenes.

Who the hell is looking for a story in the hentai you may ask, and I'll agree, but i can't change that - I do. At least I'm trying to... But there's one thing I adore above everything - artwork. And boy, oh boy, what a piece of MESTERPIECE is that you cannot even compare. It's definitely most beautifully crafted read more