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Mar 8, 2021
Thank you, Mr. Anno. Thank you for delivering the finale we all been waiting for since 2013. Thank you for not disappointing. It is and will remain a very satysfying ending for the beloved franchise.

Is is, in fact, an end of all Evangelion. Hopefully no one will come up with milking it no more.

Before starting the entirety let's all of u ask yourself, how much u love Evangelion, what it's mean for you? This finale is pretty much definition of love letter, not only for the fans, but as well Anno himself from himself. At last we are bound to strict and smooth read more
Jan 8, 2021
Long awaited and hyped adaptation of 4th Sailor Moon arc is finally out.

To put it simple - technically breathtaking. Looks gorgeous, smooth and frickin' beautiful. Definitely best looking Sailor Moon installment ever and may be as well the best installment (or very, very close one, even it has some flaws) in general.

But there's no suprise, movie adapts best arc of the manga and follows it strictly (considering runtime and the cuts, of course), after all this is what makes remake of Sailor Moon better, or supposed to as Crystal had some really big issues with proper execution and pacing, following the source in the read more
Oct 16, 2020
I am extremely lucky to have crazy ass friends that were able to get me ticket for this movie on the opening day. It was sold out in advance with huge waiting list and it was clearly visible by the TOHO Cinemas Roppogi Hills where I was pleased to see this movie. Every available seat was taken and queue was HUGE.

Now, let's have a deeper look at the movie itself, there'll be some minor spoilers but if u haven't read the manga I strongly suggest to avoid them, they'll be marked.

I was never a big fan of KnY, it's pretty generic and read more
Sep 18, 2020
Holy shit. Coming to Japan in order to watch this movie was one of my best decisions this year. Mere month after I've seen final Fate/stay night Heaven's Feel movie I come back this time to Kyoto. Is it better than super hit from ufotable? It doesn't matter actually, I'm speechless. And in love. TV series has few flaws, plot pretty bland and predictable, simplified to the border. But I still loved it, because all these things weren't actually problematic as Violet Evergarden never pretended to be something else than beautiful story about understanding what love is. And it was damn beautiful. And this movie read more
Dec 8, 2019
Year 1963 was completed basically in 100%, next one caused more propbelms tho, animes are rarely available unfortunately, the bigger suprise I had when I found whole Shounen Ninja Kaze no Fujimaru in one place and even found original dvd from some ebay third party seller (I actually hope I'll receive it, quite expensive shit).
Well, entrance to 1964 was quite very enjoyable, with great enjoyment and some decent art quality and nice setting. Very well done 65 episodes...

Quite strong rating, but well, it's one more of the 'first ever' animes. This time it's ninja shounen subgenre (yer all know Naruto, right?).
Story read more
Dec 6, 2019
Tetsujin 28-gou is an production that concluded my journey with 1963 animes. And hell naaaah, I didn't expect dat. It was definitely one of the best animes I've seen in my life. What a great, great work. I'm stunned and truly sad this anime has come to an end. And wondering why I skipped it for so many years. Journey through 1963 was fair, without suprises - well until I finally got to see infamous Gigantor. And as it's quite common - the series is another 'first ever' this time it's first ever super robot anime ever (Laputa or Gurren Lagan are other famous animes read more
Dec 4, 2019
And another gem from 1963 arrived. And what a great piece was that. Funny, weird, very, very old and overall extremely entertaining in every possible way u can think of.
Sennin Buraku is known for being the very fist real ecchi anime of all time, another worthy time gem from 1963. Didn't expect that from this particular title. Sweet mother of God what a fun I had.

Well, it's quite simple story. 3 sexy sisters and everything around them - more or less erotic in some archaic sexual ways. Hilarious af, honest and very, very funny. Everything takes place in some chinese village in read more
Dec 3, 2019
My mission of bringing to light forgotten animes hasn't stopped after terrible 1967s Bouken Shounen Shadar.
Literally day after finishing Shadar i decided to go back iven further, to the year of Astro Boy, Fall 1963, one of 4 series that have been aired back then, Ookami Shounen Ken (rest 3 will come shortly after this one, I started already infamous Sennin Buraku). But let's comeback to the main title for today. And it's even tougher to review. The anime perfectly shows how our world has changed in last 6 decades. For better or not is up to you. It's tough to review because it read more
Dec 2, 2019
Sweet mother of God, what a crap was dat. I'm on the mission of looking and watching some heavy classics. After experiencing some very good (Mahoutsukai Sally) and decent (Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi) animes I encounter this gem. And 'gem' is a very sarcastic way to call a shit. And yeah, this 52yo anime is terrible in any way and even it's age does not helping. It was bad back then, it's even worse now. That's the first negative review I wrote. Here's why...

What a pathetic piece of shit. It's pretty hard to write anything more than it's already stated in the synopsis. read more
Nov 22, 2019
Mahou no Idol Pastel Yumi, anime quite forgotten, shame on u, dear mal users. While it's not the best in the genre it's definitely worth your time and remembering. Especially from the art style point of view. Sweet piece of animation for kids but I can say it's easily for anyone who like this type of animes. Pretty problematic piece to review again - but we all like it. It was quite funny journey this time...

Quite low, I know, but it's bloody mahou shoujo from the mid of 80s, from the guy who brought one of the best in genre - Magical Emi, just read more