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Dec 24, 2011
UN-GO (Anime) add (All reviews)
After the initial few episodes to this Noitamina series, Un-Go was quite the disappointment; the mysteries outright sucked, the characters weren’t fleshed out very well, and the pacing was awful. It was a terrible way to start off a series, but I never thought I would end up saying the exact opposite in the weeks afterwards.

Un-go manages to impress well after it’s initial few episodes, where it takes on a brilliant narrative that is much more deeply focused upon it’s characters and ruinous setting, rather than the mysteries themselves. In other words, on the surface Un-go appears to be a mediocre series with bad mysteries, read more
Sep 18, 2011
If there's one phrase that describes Usagi Drop, it would be "gentle yet thoughtful". Usagi drop, at heart, is a simple series about a bachelor learning to raise a little girl, and learning all the joys and hurdles of being a parent along the way. The story premise itself is such a simple idea, yet the way in which Usagi drop goes about the story brings about a near perfect blend of light-hearted moments, as well as some more subtle and serious undertones. The plot itself is delicately woven, and complements the charming characters quite well. The overall result is some quiet and relaxed storytelling.

This read more
Sep 18, 2011
Tiger and Bunny turned out to be quite a fun series, surprisingly so when you consider how it has some heavily commercialized overtones to it. Sunrise decided to try experimenting here, and plastered real-life company logos on the characters in this series, which initially sounded like a bad move. However, this series turned out to have a rather solid main cast, and although the plot got cheesy and stale at times, it’s the charming characters that kept this series fun to watch. Aside from that, the extra money from the advertising is probably the reason why the production quality was solid throughout the series, and read more
Jun 24, 2011
Anohana, as an anime original coming-of-age story, could have turned out to be a disaster. Especially with a short, 11 episode length, I was initially worried that there wouldn’t be enough time for to flesh out the characters too well. Instead, the characters ended up turning out to be absolutely captivating, and very well written right up until the end. This series wastes no moment in fleshing out all of the characters and pushing the plot, always moving forward and using the most of the limited time available for this series. And the resulting series turned out to be one of the most memorable series read more
Jun 24, 2011
Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai is a rather odd anime, but it is probably one of the most under-appreciated series from the Spring 2011 season. I’m not saying it’s an amazing series by any means, but it was a surprisingly solid show as a whole. From my impressions from the awful first episode, this series starts off feeling extremely fanservice heavy. Well, to be more precise, it has a lot of ecchi jokes and gags, and is really difficult to tolerate. If you have high tolerance for perverted jokes, and can bear with all of the craziness for a bit, this series turns out to read more
Jun 19, 2011
Studio Ghibli is quite renowned for it’s rather large portfolio of acclaimed family movies, and you could definitely add Karigurashi no Arrietty to that list. Ghibli usually makes two types of movies, either fantasy movies that focus on themes that are rather critical of problems in society (Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke and Nausicca come to mind), whereas in more recent times we’ve seen more slice-of-life fantasy adventure movies. Arrietty fits more into the latter, with it’s setting being modern day society with a small little twist; there are tiny, tiny people living under the house, and they borrow from humans to survive. Tiny as in maybe read more
Jun 9, 2011
Out of all of Tanigawa Nagaru’s Suzumiya Haruhi light novels, the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya is perhaps the most well known. At least, I personally felt it was the strongest novel out of the entire series, and knowing that, I was wondering just how well Kyoto animation would adopt the original source material. Well, the movie didn’t quite meet my expectations, but it still did a great job at portraying the Disappearance arc. In particular, the movie was great at fleshing out the two main characters of the story, Nagato and Kyon. The story really does a great job at bringing out the charm in read more
Jun 8, 2011
Natsume Yuujinchou turned out to be a rather simple, very human series at heart. The gentle simplicity to some of the tales, and each tale's lovely cast of characters, does a great job with creating a relaxing, slow-paced yet heartwarming series. The subtleties to a lot of the stories, and their endearing yet sometimes melancholic themes, tailors a rather lovable series that touches upon simple themes of life. While I was initially worried about was the very episodic nature of this series, it ended up that such worries were unfounded. Each 1-2 episode arc did an excellent job telling the story of Natsume as he read more
Jun 5, 2011
We finally get the season that brings all of the Aria series together. And oh boy, what a pleasant ride it has been. The characterization for the main casts continues to be superb in many ways, with some great character development by the end of the Origination. It’s probably all of the slow but steady fleshing out of the characters in the first two seasons of this series that contributed the most here. The Origination, because of the development in the first two seasons, could cut out all the excess (such as setting development, etc) and focus in on the characters much more. The Origination read more
Apr 24, 2011
Honestly speaking, I have to say I'm very impressed with how this show went about. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica started off a slightly slow, uninteresting note, but it just continuously kept building up on top of it's previous episodes, culminating in some breathtaking scenes in the final few episodes of the series. There are a ton of things this series does right, but it does have it's fair share of flaws too. However, the flaws don't really hurt the show as a whole, and it ends up as a great watch that always perks your interest and gets you speculating. Considering it was Shaft behind read more