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Mar 30, 2024
TL;DR: I understand that this review is stupidly long and kind of personal. If you are even on the fence, give this show a chance, it’s great. And if you can allow yourself to enjoy something so eagerly sensitive, you won’t regret it.

One night back in late 2019 shortly following one of the worst months of my life, I was called over to sit next to this mysterious girl while riding the bus. It turns out this person was in my creative writing class and recognized me, she liked some of the stuff I wrote. We hung out a few times before the semester ended. ...
Mar 25, 2024
When deliberating (pointlessly mind you) why Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood has remained the most popular and critically acclaimed anime in the English speaking community, it becomes almost stupidly obvious as to why that you don’t need some kind of stuffy, overblown academic paper written by some scholar of 20 years to figure it out. FmaB has basically everything that a typical anime fan wants in their shit without any serious catches or pitfalls. It’s a long (but not too long) action-adventure story with a well realized setting, endearing characters, slick designs, kickass animation, memorable opening songs, the works. There’s a critic on this site that once ...
Mar 25, 2024
Mixed Feelings
Not to make anyone feel old, but one of the rituals I remember the most as a child was taking trips to the mall with my dad back in the late 2000’s. I didn’t get a chance to see him too often, but at the time, our little tradition was going to GameStop and getting me whatever cheap DS games could fall under their buy 2 used games get 1 half off scheme. It meant a lot to me at the time since I was obsessed with video games and played my DS constantly. Now, the result of this practice was, in reality, just bombarding ...
Dec 23, 2023
Mixed Feelings
Spy x Family is the self-perpetuating motion machine of anime from a financial perspective. I wouldn't be surprised if, by the end of the show's run in however many episodes, it turns out to be one of the most profitable manga franchises of this half of the 21st Century. I've seen many apt descriptions of just how prodigiously preordained the success of this franchise was (birthed in a test tube, genetically modified, etc.), but something like Spy x Family is incredibly rare. From episode/chapter one, I think anyone who understood anime or its fans both domestically and abroad, prophetically, and viscerally, knew it would be ...
Sep 28, 2023
Mixed Feelings
As someone who likes to graciously pen at least one review every quarter, this season was uniquely terrible to write for. This summer constituted a unique combination of shows that I largely can’t/wont review for a variety of reasons that I will now list: the show is getting unceremoniously delayed because the anime industry never ceases to be incompetent, the show is two cours so it won’t finish until December (there’s like three shows I considered watching in this category), shows only notable because its studio is a living meme, sequels to shows I haven’t seen or caught up on, spin offs and sequels to ...
Jun 17, 2023
Anime romantic comedies are a dime a dozen and they have been for over forty years now. The moment some savvy producer looked at the seminal Urusei Yatsura in the late 70’s and was like “We could totally milk the shit out of this,” it was basically all over from there. This reached critical mass in the 2000’s when some iteration of “random douchebag attracts a bunch of socially unstable weirdos and they run around for 13-25 episodes" or "random airheaded bimbo finds some hot piece of bishounen ass to abuse her for 13-25 episodes” became a disproportionate amount of the anime industry’s output. while ...
Mar 25, 2023
Mixed Feelings
If you told me nearly seven years ago when My Hero Academia first aired that it would end up dropping into a secondary popularity tier among anime fans, below something like Attack on Titan or even Bleach, I would’ve told you to leave me the hell alone because I didn’t like anime and didn’t care at all about My Hero Academia.

But, if you told me the same thing four years ago when I first watched mha, I would’ve called you an overly cynical edgelord; an embittered asshole desperately tearing down earnestly crafted pop media pieces as some pretentious measure to justify their supercilious ass taste. ...
Jan 6, 2023
I'm not going to lie, my life hasn't been too hot for the last seven months. After busting my ass to finish my university program and busting my ass even more applying to jobs over the last year or so, I've been left with extremely nebulous future in terms of any actual career. Of course, I'm not the only soul in this world who's experienced a similar level of existential disappointment. But unique to me, I also received a head injury around the same time as graduation that's kept me in a perpetual state of recovery since, meaning doing anything or looking at anything with ...
Sep 19, 2022
I don't really watch seasonal anime anymore. After a solid streak of two years, I started falling behind on weekly shows when life got too busy for me to juggle that form of content consumption, on top of the shows I used to get through the behemoth that is my plan to watch list. But when I heard there was going to be a RWBY anime when I woke up March 25th, made by Shaft of all studios, I thought I'd make an exception for the sake of history.

RWBY is a franchise I have a strange relationship with, it’s been around since I was a ...
Dec 26, 2020
Oh Jun Maeda, despite our hopes it turns out you have only gotten worse in the last ten years.

Jun Maeda is a fascinating figure in the industry, partially because he worked in the Visual Novel scene for so long before writing anime (he still does technically), but mainly because he is one of the very few anime screen writers known by name outside of Mari Okada and Urobutchi Gen. And for good reason too: Air, Kanon, Clannad, Angel Beats, Little Busters, Charlotte; Jun Maeda is the mind behind some of the most popular and well acclaimed anime of all time. Jun Maeda also composes ...

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