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Sep 25, 2019
My english skill is very bad if you want to keep reading go ahead

I think this anime, this storyline is the best fanservice for fate fans, nasuverse fans so far
Normally fate franchise only focus on one thing that is battle royale fight and relationship between normal people (master) and heroes (servants)
at first i'm really interested fate because how cool servants are but i found out the universe of it the fiction character like Masters are interesting too
but they're never dig those character more but always moved on and created new title for their new servants, new battle royale
This anime is what am looking read more
Aug 19, 2019
Paradon my bad english but if you still want to do it go ahead
First of all I need to tell I'm not a big fan of Fate Stay Night , but for FGO I played it since pre-registered and in the same day I start watching Zero, UBW
I don't really care minor details of story much but there a lot of plot hole in game story like Protagonist motivation, organization, Random heroine that eventually like you, and why servant system? (in logical not to sell waifus)
Except all of above game's story is decent but not that good (untill Camelot, Babylonia I can see that read more