Aug 19, 2019
Kanata_Haruka (All reviews)
Paradon my bad english but if you still want to do it go ahead
First of all I need to tell I'm not a big fan of Fate Stay Night , but for FGO I played it since pre-registered and in the same day I start watching Zero, UBW
I don't really care minor details of story much but there a lot of plot hole in game story like Protagonist motivation, organization, Random heroine that eventually like you, and why servant system? (in logical not to sell waifus)
Except all of above game's story is decent but not that good (untill Camelot, Babylonia I can see that why they choose these two to be anime)
everyone hope always want favorite game, waifus to be animated (but didn't know that gonna good or not)
and First Order anime really show me the truth that no hope for this game

but man this one is different I can feels it the story telling is well made It's like a movie style the dialouge is very depth and smart thus they filling a plot hole by telling a Roman, Mashu story
There are a motivation in Chaldea Organization, how it build and roman secret movitaion, why mashu respect other human, why she's so innocent, why use servant system they're all explain in here and they did very well
I'm start to have hope in FGO agian