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Feb 28, 2007
Princess Tutu (Anime) add
Obviously, the story is an enigma within itself. It takes so many different aspects from every fairytale like setting that the watchers are left with a dishevel of fantasy. It\'s an intriguing reality, this plot loves to create things new and fascinating on its own as if it has no ultimate creator such as Drosselmeyer.

Character(s) & Their Development:
Actually, I personally think that the characters grow to fine degrees in this show. I\'m not sure if it\'s because there is such an unrealistic atmosphere surrounding the plot, which in turn throws the rational reactions of the characters off-guard towards the viewers. Or if it\'s because ...
Feb 4, 2007
So, what the hell is the plot?! Well, to describe it here would be a huge spoiler, so instead, think of it like this: it's much like the human race trying to keep God entertained with interesting events. It makes you think either stupid or brilliant, you decide because I'm still trying to.

Is the plot really something original and grand, or is it just a random pebble in a random pond sitting in a random hole in the ground? I can't even begin to understand which. The whole show had me watching, somehow and someway, but I didn't actually like anything I watched until the ...
Jan 15, 2007
Character(s) & Their Development
Every character is based with a sterotype near the beginning of the series. The real question though is if the characters actually grow out of their set roles. After watching the whole series that's both a yes and a no. It all comes down to the fact that the manga is still going and the characters are still maturing in that format; thus, they can only grow so far in the anime without making it a new story entirely. Sure, they stay towards their first impressions but, there are a handful of episodes that explain each Host Club member and their reasoning ...
Jan 7, 2007
What's there that hasn't been said about this tale? In all honesty, Kare Kano is a love story through and through. Not to say that it lacks any other aspect besides romance but, it's the kind of show where you become intertwined with the heart more than the funny side-comments or the playful animation. The story is simply about two people in high school who meet, share common-ground, and fall head over heels for each other. Perfect for you hopeless romantics, eh?

Character(s) & Their Development
This one is certainly major for this show. The emotional interaction is at such a high level that at times, I ...

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