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Jan 7, 2013
If I had to sum up the show in a few words: "A comedy based on a group of 5 girls taking turns with the old boke-tsukkomi routine."

The show is about 5 girls who are studying the art of Japanese stage storytelling dubbed: "rakugo" hence the title of the show "Joshi (meaning woman/girl) raku".

When it comes to the story and art one character's line, Kukuru's: "Stop that! The animators are doing their best even though there's little to animate," pretty much sums it up. As well as a literal frame in the first episode: "This anime is full of 'ordinary' dialogue so views can read more
May 6, 2010
Kiss x Sis is the TV series to the OVA and manga adaptation. It is about a boy, Suminoe Keita, and his everyday encounters (often perverted) with his older twin sisters, Ako and Riko.

The plot of the series is light, you can almost think of it as slice of life if you take out all the erotic antics from the equation. But then it wouldn't be AS good as it is now would it?

Many of the scenes aren't much better or much worse than what you would see in a regular show this season. Although the details of "certain" scenes clearly had much more dedication read more
Apr 17, 2008
Bottom Line: Heartwarming series, incredible remake, and an awesome classic. Its must watch!

Kanon (2006) is simply a masterpiece. I can confidently say it is my favorite series of all time. Produced by the infamous Kyoto Animation which also introduced international hits such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Full Metal Panic series, you wouldn't expect this series less than awesome. Kanon (2006) certainly lives up to that expectation.

Story: The episodes of the anime are basically separated into "arcs" for each girl. Each girl has her own background story associated with Yuichi either 7 years ago or early on in [the episodes] the current timeframe read more
Apr 7, 2008
Story: From the fanservice and the OP it pretty obvious that this show is a harem. If you've watched Harem/ecchi/romance-comedy anime before you wont really find anything groundbreaking about this anime. So if you don't like these kinds of shows, I suggest you stay away. It is basically your multi-sided struggle over the main male character. I personally have no problems with the alien/marriage theme, but I find the plot of this series all to predictable.

Art: For a new show the animation quality is what you would call decent. Its not high quality, but it isn't crap either (although the first episode did seem read more
Feb 9, 2008
I must say this was very enjoyable read despite its short length.

Story: Simply outstanding story, as expected from KEY. An excellent story from start to finish, however I did find a few things confusing such as Tomoya's memory loss, like many of KEY's works, its a finely tuned story.

Art: I wouldn't say it is a masterpiece in artwork, but the drawing is well done nonetheless. A good mixture of fights, touching moments, and chibis here and there.

Character: A small cast of characters, but definitely one that I loved very much. However, from what I have seen in the Clannad anime, Tomoyo's personality has changed read more
Jan 13, 2008
Story: The weakest area of DC II. The story really has no backbone. There is some character development. But from what I have watched so far, nothing has changed at all! In nine episodes there has only been roughly 2 solid events: Koko's confession and the trip.

Art: Based off a visual novel just like the previous two seasons, there is not much you can really say about the art work, except its well-drawn. Not that there are any significant differences in style.

Sound: I was pleased with the songs in this season. I enjoyed the OP and ED song alot, as well as a few insert read more
Nov 25, 2007
Story: 9/10. Simply Outstanding story! I enjoyed it from start to end. It digs deep (no pun intended) into the emotions and practically rips them out. And I admit that despite a somewhat simplistic plot. You can easily get drawn in it. My only complaint is the final battle in the last episode, and the epilogue with Simon.

Art: 7/10. The artwork is pretty good. Since Im more used to work from visual novels the score is lower here. The art possessed several qualities from the last series I watched from Gainax, FLCL, with some enhanced modifications. The artwork definitely captures the heart of the read more
Nov 14, 2007
Story: 5/10~5.5/10 Its a pretty decent story. Its your average romance comedy, with a sample of drama and magic. Even so, I didn't find anything that particularly there that interested me, except maybe the "Forbidden Sibling Love". There are also a few things that I found "cheesy" such as: "The Island where sakura trees never wilt", "A love struggle between girls" as well as classic harem scenarios. When it first began I kinda enjoyed it, but I started to lose interest the mid to mid-last episodes as they focused more on the relationship between the two of the leads and the main male lead, read more