Nov 14, 2007
KY791 (All reviews)
Story: 5/10~5.5/10 Its a pretty decent story. Its your average romance comedy, with a sample of drama and magic. Even so, I didn't find anything that particularly there that interested me, except maybe the "Forbidden Sibling Love". There are also a few things that I found "cheesy" such as: "The Island where sakura trees never wilt", "A love struggle between girls" as well as classic harem scenarios. When it first began I kinda enjoyed it, but I started to lose interest the mid to mid-last episodes as they focused more on the relationship between the two of the leads and the main male lead, and condensed individual character stories in to one or two episodes. But I guess its worth watching if you have never watched anime based off of visual novels and other this anime of this genre.

Art: 8/10~8.5/10 The art I must admit is good. The scenes are exceptionally drawn, especially many night scenes and a few morning scenes. The characters are also pretty well drawn for 4 years ago as well, not that art has drastically changed. But for anime based off of visual novels you should expect any less than great animation.

Sound: 7/10 Ok I am a bit biased on soundtracks and music, since I am a music fanatic. The OP and ED songs aren't that shabby. I also enjoyed a most of the insert songs as well. However the OP song grew tedious after a while (maybe the for first 12 episodes I listened and watch). But its a commendable soundtrack nonetheless.

Character: 6/10 You've got the standard package of characters for a usual harem. One main male lead To be honest I liked most of the characters in the series however, there are some I got a bit irritated with (Such as Nemu and Sakura, but I still love them alot nonetheless) after a bit. But the reason why I gave it a lower score was because the character development in the episodes seem kinda shallow and only concentrated on a few of the characters, rather than developing some of the other supposed leads in the series.

Enjoyment: 6.0/10~6.5/10 There were times that I enjoyed it, like in the beginning, and times I felt like dropping it around the middle and mid-end. I guess the last few episodes covering the stories of individual characters was enough to satisfy me to watch and moderately enjoy the end as complete the first season of the series.

Overall: 6/10~7/10 I guess the last episodes played a large factor in my final decision of the series. I was wavering in my final rate between 6~7. I didn't particularly enjoy this season as much as I would've liked as other visual novels, but I guess the presentation was fine enough for me to look into the next seasons.