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Apr 14, 2018
“It takes a few minutes to reach space, but it takes days to reach the Showa Station. It’s farther than the universe.” - comment by Mamoru mohri (japanese astronaut) when he was invited to japanese antarctica station.
Have you ever had a dream? a dream that sounds totally ridiculous when spoken about- an impossible, absurd dream? comes shirase with her totally ridiculous aim of going to antarctica. in her school & class she's mocked for it. that's where Sora yori mo tooi basho (yorimoi here on) starts with the premise of 4 highschool girls going to antarctica. I know, sounds totally ridiculous premise for a story read more
Feb 15, 2018
the flower of evil - and how the flower blooms...
"aku no hana? that anime with really weird art? yeah i've heard manga's good" this is probably how the usual conversation goes among people who haven't seen it. and tbf it's infamous reputation is earned. this anime is directed by hiroshi nagahama, who's mainly known for mushishi. which is what prompted me to check this show out.
the art, the use of rotoscoping is controversial - however he uses rotoscoping to great effect - to depict the everyday movement, character acting and to give it a great surreal, psycho- horror atmosphere.
aku no hana is one read more
Jan 21, 2015
" I want something genuine. "

* * * *
now, i know what you are thinking after reading that sypnosis. Another generic mediocre romcom, isn't it?
WRONG. Sure, the plot line is nothing new and it's just like most other LN's. So what sets it apart from other LN?
First, this is one of the most realistic LN out there (pretty rare).
And Mainly, the difference lies in characters.
Hikigaya, is, a loner. It's not like he wanted to be one, but he had some mental trauma from junior and middle school and other circumstances forced him to be one. He tries his best to distant himself from others. He read more
Dec 27, 2014
[Anime review : Golden time]

I'm just gonna keep it simple.

The MC-suffering from - "amnesia" concept has been done many times. Does Golden time offers something different? NO.

The story was more focused on characters. And it had good set of characters. But the characters always felt quite shallow. I never managed to relate to any characters throughout the series despite show's SOL and university setting.

Kouko, got the most noticable development in first 20 episodes. You can clearly see the change.
But in the last 4 eps all that development went to zero which just made me dislike her.

Side characters, felt like they were just there to read more
Jul 8, 2014
Ok. So this is one of my favorite light novel series out there so i thought of making a review for it.

It's still basically magic vs science, but in a better way than the previous series. TouMAN is here to punch girls in there faces yet again!

well so lets start with the review.
Story : as the previous Index series, this series is also a character driven story. The events happening in many protagonists lives are smoothly connected. Magic vs Science is here yet again and adds more crisp. The fight scenes are always a treat with both sides using brain & muscle to overcome each read more