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May 5, 2018
This anime is simply put a fine piece of soul-soothing.

This is no CGDCT and for that I'm honestly thankful, being able to create relatable situations and hilarious jokes and references to otaku culture.

The emphasis it puts on corporal environment, the overall anxiety of fitting in and the enjoyment of our hobbies it's simply amazing and present in every episode so far without outshining the romance of our characters which I absolutely adore.

Every character has their unique traits and the amazing choice of voice actors helps them in that regard giving that punchline neccesary to make the humor of the series get to you.

It's a read more
Dec 19, 2017
Sometimes you got to keep things simple.

Net-juu no Susume is an anime that just hit the spot with relatable situations and characters, even if they are not properly developed at the end of it's run. After all there's not much room for backstory with just 10 episodes.

Our two main characters are down-to-earth persons, even if the protagonist is a NEET. Doing this we, as the viewers, relate to all their situations and problems like time consuption of time, work, relationships, etc. After watching the show I realized I didn't need a proper backstory of Morioka, since her actitude speaks for herself: she makes herself read more
Dec 16, 2017
There are benefits on watching a show without knowing the source material: you don't create expectation.

I was interested on this anime because the amazing artwork, especially Tsurumaru and Mikazuki. I know nothing of the game, the mechanics, the enemies, or anything else: to me there is only cool looking samurais fighting evil looking enemies (and lots of fujoshi artwork)

Somehow my desire to see a character I personally find amazing, made me break the Three Episode Rule and when he finally appearead I just... continued watching the show with a blank expression on my face.

This anime is a redundant (pretty looking) shallowness.

Also... I know from the read more
Sep 26, 2017
Let's make a compilation of highschool love problems, but instead of using just two characters let's use like twelve

Tsurezure Children is a breath of fresh air in the love comedy genre starting with the lengh of it's 12 episodes, with just about 11 minutes each. This makes for a delightful viewing experience and a genuine surprise element on each episode (even if the outcome is really predictable)

The heart of the show lies in its characters: each relationship is unique and funny in it's own right with lots of relatable situations thanks to the vast cast of personalities involved and the super clever jokes it pulls

In read more
Mar 6, 2017
Either you love it or hate it, Re:Zero is an anime which anyone can enjoy, for all the good and the wrong reasons.

This will be brief so bare with me...

It's not surprise that anime nowadays comes from unfinished works. Such is the case with Re:Zero, a light novel thats just tell us to "go with it" since the explaining of some of it's plot points will ruin the experience (or at least that's what the wikia and fandom says) But for the experienced viewer this is unacceptable, because at the end you'll have so many questions in your head AND YOU KNOW IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE read more
May 6, 2016
This is a "Read-The-Light-Novel" anime and a slow one, not rushed like many others.

Story 8/10

A bunch of amnesic teenager arrive at a misterious world remembering only their names. Right out the bag all of them join the Voluntary Army because reasons and there's the background. After that the story follows a party with absolutely no skill at combat and their struggle adapting to this new world. This is amazing: it gives a whole new perspective of the genre, taking a more realistic look on the situation and even the monsters. I really enjoyed the focus of the show.

Characters 9/10

Each character is unique and rich in read more
May 3, 2016
Let's keep it simple.

The game genre is all over the place over the last few years, it keeps attracting views, no matter how bad is the concept since it's pretty simple: we are stuck in a videogame. So it was obvious that KonoSuba would be as popular as it was.

Was it good? In short, yes. But it has it flaws


Don't expect a rich story in KonoSuba.
You are trapped -> Gain money -> Level Up -> Defeat the demon King
And you are... kinda stuck in steps 2 and 3 in KonoSuba
The pacing is ok, being a 10 episode show, except for a few elements in read more