Mar 6, 2017
JackYagami (All reviews)
Either you love it or hate it, Re:Zero is an anime which anyone can enjoy, for all the good and the wrong reasons.

This will be brief so bare with me...

It's not surprise that anime nowadays comes from unfinished works. Such is the case with Re:Zero, a light novel thats just tell us to "go with it" since the explaining of some of it's plot points will ruin the experience (or at least that's what the wikia and fandom says) But for the experienced viewer this is unacceptable, because at the end you'll have so many questions in your head AND YOU KNOW IT'S ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER THEM WITHOUT READING THE SOURCE MATERIAL BECAUSE YOU WON'T BE GETTING A PROPER SECOND SEASON ANY TIME SOON!!

Such is the way of recent light-novel-based animes... but let's talk about what will make you either finish or drop the anime completely...

Ladies and gentlemen, since the times of Shinji Ikari.. never have i ever seen a protagonist with oh-so-much discussion/hate as Natsuki Subaru.

This guy it's a perfect representation on the average 16 year old person who does nothing but watch anime, play games, and live a boring life and then believes his life is destined to be perfect since he is in another world, but then reality hits... and it hits hard. The problem is despite given all these opportunities in the story he doesn't evolve, he doesn't learn, he can't even make me love to hate him. But at the end of the day he IS the protagonist so the the story cut him A LOT of slack by twisting the strings in his favor so much that every "arc" of the anime gets really predictable. AND, since the story revolves around him if HE DOESN´T KNOW A THING OF THE WORLD, WE NEITHER.... AND THAT'S THE WORSE OFENSE

He is the reason why many people hate the show, but unfortunately it has other flaws.

-Leaving lots of questions unanswered
-No solid background for the world he is in
-Secondary characters be secondary characters with again, not enough development
-So much money wasted on the "gore" aspect of the show

And you may ask... why would some people like this show?

Even with it's flaws it is an enjoyable experience. It is a good gateway anime for people who doesn't want to learn a lot about the story or even care enough for the people in this fantastic world. They just want to know how will Subaru get out of the next loop... and nothing more. No matter how farfetched the methods.

Watch it... and feel this weird sensation in your inside as you finish the show


Wtf happened to Rem?!