Dec 16, 2017
JackYagami (All reviews)
There are benefits on watching a show without knowing the source material: you don't create expectation.

I was interested on this anime because the amazing artwork, especially Tsurumaru and Mikazuki. I know nothing of the game, the mechanics, the enemies, or anything else: to me there is only cool looking samurais fighting evil looking enemies (and lots of fujoshi artwork)

Somehow my desire to see a character I personally find amazing, made me break the Three Episode Rule and when he finally appearead I just... continued watching the show with a blank expression on my face.

This anime is a redundant (pretty looking) shallowness.

Also... I know from the first episode that the sole purpose of the touken danshi is to preserve history... but they tell this to the viewer at least 7 times per episode. If you play a drinking game and take a shot everytime you hear a character saying "rekishi o mamoru" you'll be wasted in no time.

Unless you are a fan of the game, skip it