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Sep 24, 2021
The isekai genre is pretty much unanimously notorious—notorious for mass-producing wholly lifeless shows that are barred from any semblance of creativity whatsoever. A large part of the anime viewers look down upon the genre for this reason, but despite its notoriety, the popularity of isekai is still as high as ever. More than half a dozen isekai shows are shoved down our throat nearly every season, and the ongoing summer isn't an exception to that. Meikyuu Black Company is not much different from your typical isekai anime in this regard, but surprisingly, it's one of the very few ones out there that barely suffer because read more
Sep 17, 2021
Have you ever watched an anime you hated at first but then came to like it? That's my exact experience with Kanojo mo Kanojo. "Like" is an understatement though, because I found myself laughing my ass off watching pretty much every episode of the show. Particularly, in a season which has clearly suffered from the "lack of good shit" syndrome, Kanojo mo Kanojo has legitimately been my favorite anime to watch. Yes, legitimately.

First, let's get the bad things out of the way. If you don't enjoy "dumb", "illogical" anime and dislike the seemingly awkward two-timing concept of KmK, chances are that you won't like the read more
Jun 30, 2021
*This review contains spoilers*

Watching Osamake is an incredibly painful experience. The story is riddled with so many dumb twists and cliches and the characters always act so stupid and nonsensical that sometimes it becomes extremely difficult to sit through a single episode.

Osamake presents itself as a unique romcom that plays around with various tropes and cliches. The gimmick here is—where the childhood friend archetype in a harem anime usually gets rejected by the protagonist, she won't be losing in Osamake. There's surprisingly a clever catch in this, though (probably the most intelligent part of the entire anime), as we later find out that all three read more
Jun 26, 2021
Bullying, and anything similar, has always been regarded as a sensitive subject. For that reason, most anime and manga tackle this topic with a rather solemn approach, as they should. Serious issues akin to bullying shouldn't be viewed as a medium to make obscene jokes—unless you make it obvious that you aren't ridiculing the subject matter in question. Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san seemingly does the opposite; according to a part of the audience, it treats a heavy topic like bullying in a comedic manner and makes light of it.

This show isn't actually about bullying, though. In the end, despite my initial impressions, Iiranaide, Nagatoro-san turned out to read more
Jun 23, 2021
Watching Super Cub kind of feels like taking a bath. It's a bit plain and simple, yet never fails to soothe you even when you are having a bad time.

Super Cub revolves around high school student Koguma, a timid and lonely girl who has never had anything that she could cherish. As Koguma herself describes, she has nothing—no parents, no hobbies, no friends, and no goals. However, after buying a pre-used Super Cub, she finally finds something that even she could enjoy. The anime chronicles the now adventurous days of Koguma's life, showcasing how vastly she has changed and continues to change.

Super Cub seems like read more
Jun 21, 2021
I have been rather unacquainted with pottery throughout my entire life. Despite being born in a country where it's recognized as a long-established profession (although neglected now, unfortunately), pottery never really caught my interest. However, after watching Yakunara Mug Cup mo, I might have become a little eager to learn about it.

Yakunara Mug Cup mo takes place in Tajimi, a city which is particularly known for pottery. The story revolves around high school student Himeno Toyokawa, who has recently moved to Tajimi since her father's company went bankrupt. On the first day of her new school, a boisterous girl named Mika Kukuri prompts her to read more
Jun 20, 2021
Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! is basically a retelling of KonoSuba—only much, much inferior. That's not to say that it's particularly a bad anime, but does that matter much when pretty much the entire time I was thinking: "I wish I was watching KonoSuba instead."

The idea of parodying isekai RPGs was novel few years ago. However, after the release of countless light novels and anime that have parodied/attempted to parody isekai, this concept has become painfully dull as practically everything about the genre has already been covered. Originally a light novel by Natsume Akatsuki—the creator of KonoSuba—Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! is essentially just another unremarkable isekai parody. I know what read more
Jun 18, 2021
Mashiro no Oto started out as a trainwreck. Riddled with horrendous pacing issues, the first episode tried fitting in way too much content for its own good, nearly making me give up all my hopes for the anime. I'm glad that I stayed until the end, though, because what came afterward was nothing short of spectacular.

Mashiro no Oto focuses on the traditional Japanese instrument known as shamisen, something that very few people are familiar with. However, this is not necessarily an anime about shamisen. First and foremost, Mashiro no Oto is an anime about the inner growth of a troubled teenager named Setsu Sawamura, who read more
Jun 18, 2021
Kabaddi is a fairly popular sport in South Asia, particularly the Indian subcontinent where it's often played by rural kids during the summer. In my country Bangladesh, kabaddi is officially recognized as the national sport, and I myself used to play it a lot few years ago. All of this makes the sport seem very favorable, but when you go past South Asia, you begin to realize how obscure it actually is. Outside the boundaries of Asia, it's extremely difficult to find someone who has even heard of kabaddi, let alone someone who has played it. Guess how surprised I was then, when I heard read more
Apr 20, 2021
Here goes my shortest and most basic review to date.

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros: HxEros Report is just a recap of the first 7 episodes of HxEros, highlighting all the raunchy and ridiculous moments that made the series so entertaining. As with most recaps, there isn't anything particularly noteworthy about it. Nothing special really happens in the entire recap (except for the uncensored "goodness"), but the narrator's voiceover is kinda entertaining I guess.

Nonetheless, unless you are a part of HxEros' dedicated fan base (which I doubt exists), or want to recollect your memories of the anime before watching the second season (if it does ever come out), read more