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Mar 29, 2014
Mixed Feelings
In the world of adaptation, there’s a rare breed that superficially uses the source material, before branching off into infinitely more enjoyable dalliances in creativity. The best examples are shows like Galaxy Angel and Sengoku Collection, which provide token acknowledgement of their far less interesting source material before greatly diverging into sci-fi gag comedy and movie homage, respectively. When it was announced, I suspected that SoniAni would follow the same approach, given that they decided to give a character with the personality of a grass stain her own show. And I’ll be damned if I wasn’t kind of right.

The first episode does not start things ...
Jan 29, 2012
Mixed Feelings
I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve cried watching anime. The end of the first Gunslinger Girl series made me tear up a little bit, the realization of the last story in Kino’s Journey wrung a few half-formed tears from my eye sockets, and each episode of Aria and nearly every one of Natsume Yuujinchou left me a blubbering mess unable to function. I’m far from an impenetrable, emotionless stone wall. Now with all that said, Saikano didn’t come close to making me cry. There are several reasons for this, which I’ll get to shortly.

On the cusp of war, two students named Chise ...
Jan 6, 2012
Un-Go (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Ambition and personality can often build up the most impressive narratives, but they can’t sustain them for long without help. That… actually sums up my feelings on UN-GO pretty nicely. But this wouldn’t be much of a post if I just left it at that without giving my reasoning, so here’re the rest of my thoughts on UN-GO.

From the start, UN-GO was a series laden with problems. It had that curious noitaminA problem of trying to fit a tome’s worth of content (We’re talking around the length of The Stand) into a single cour, doing an admirable job at developing things until one final plotline ...
Dec 23, 2011
Mixed Feelings
There are some anime series that you desperately want to love. You’re either drawn in by the premise, one of the characters will strike your fancy for some reason and you’ll begin a furious Pixiv binge in search of any fanart of them to the point that your computer crashes and you’re declared legally dead, or you see some shimmer of pure gold underneath that thick sheen of shit and mediocrity and want to see if it’ll be more evident later on. The Idolmaster was one of the latter series, and it left me feeling entirely unsatisfied from start to finish.

The premise is simple enough: ...
Sep 27, 2011
With each of the five big carryover shows from the spring season either ending or have ended already, I feel it’s time to take a look back at the three that I could blog and do a nice, somewhat succinct review. However, with Nichijou being a slice of life comedy and thus impossible for me to sum up with anything other than “It had its moments, but the charm far outweighed the comedy factor” and me being more than a week late for a timely Tiger & Bunny review (Will get to at some point though), I’m stuck reviewing Hanasaku Iroha. Make no mistake though, ...
Sep 21, 2011
Mixed Feelings
At times a show will just grab you at the hip, pull you close for one hell of a tango, and let you go only when you begin clamoring for more. These are the shows that make the most impact on you, the likes of Serial Experiments Lain, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and for me, Aria the Animation/Natural/Origination. So after reading the first two chapters of the manga and watching the entirety of this, I can comfortably say that Ikoku Meiro no Croisee does not belong in this category at all. Rather than giving the tango of a lifetime, it lethargically has the audience lead, dragging ...
Sep 19, 2011
Steins;Gate (Anime) add
With its dark, relatively limited pallet, quirky characters, and time travel plot, this anime has gained the attention of many of those following the past two anime seasons. That anime is, if the title is as much an indication as I intended, Steins;Gate.

What started as a strange, oddly slice of life-like scifi series centering on a college student “Mad Scientisto” named Okabe Rintarou and his crew of eccentric friends and associates quickly took a turn for the dramatic with the introduction of a means to send thoughts to the past, which caught the eye of evil research organization SERN. Since that point, Steins;Gate really ...
Aug 27, 2011
Last Exile (Anime) add

With the announcement of a second series, Last Exile has joined the echelon of misleading titles hinting at no other entry in their respective franchises. This category, primarily encompassing the Final Fantasy series, is the subject of many jokes along the lines of “Durr hurr, why do they call it Final (Last, in this case), when they’re making another one?”

On that note, there is no joke in Last Exile. It’s a straightforward fantasy steampunk adventure that ranks as one of Gonzo’s finest efforts. The CG is incredible and still holds up eight years later, the plot is well done if not completely original, and ...
Jul 21, 2011
B-gata H-kei (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
If there is any show that defines wasted potential, it’s B Gata H Kei. What started as a possible lighthearted gender flipped rendition of School Days ended up a pedestrian school comedy that was only saved by a somewhat fresh sense of humor and constant victimization of the lead and her love interest.

Our story follows Yamada, first name conspicuously absent throughout the whole affair, on her quest to have sex with one hundred males by the end of high school. Everything seems in the bag for her: She’s beautiful, smart; every guy in school wants her. The problem is, she’s too self conscious about ...
Jul 20, 2011
The move from that of a televised anime series to an OAV format did its fair share of good for the crew of Black Lagoon. By allowing them to work without worrying about censorship, they could get the violence as visceral and hyper-sexualized as possible and create a no holds bar bloodfest the likes of which anime has rarely had before. Going into this, it should be perfectly evident from the name what you’re in for: A tale of carnage caused by everyone’s favorite former guerilla warfare enthusiast maid, Roberta. And boy does it deliver.

Our tale starts with a public bombing orchestrated by a contracted ...

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