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Sep 18, 2016
No spoilers in this review.

This anime is pretty bad. I will go over the reasons why below:

A mess story-wise, its like lost where they over-do stuff and people pretend they're cool and totally get it.

Characters are annoying, just a bunch of pussies doing dumb stuff.

Sound and art is aight, dont really have anything to complain about here.

I got very little enjoyment out of it, it started okay, then it became horrible.

People who like this crap is why anime is generally going down in quality.
"Its not going down in quality????" Yes, it is. Look at all the moe and ecchi anime people worship, its pathetic. read more
Mar 31, 2015
"What a boring plot." - Embryo, 2015.

And I couldnt agree more.

I really looked forward to this anime, and when I saw all the good reviews, I was certain it was going to be good, but boy was I wrong! I will go through why I gave this anime as low as a 3, which I very rarely do.

Story: 2.
The story sounded very interesting on paper, but when you actually watch it, you notice that its filled with plotholes, and a massive amount of stupid fanservice. If you're into hentai, go watch that shit and not regular anime.

Art: 5.
Its not good, but its not bad either. read more