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Sep 20, 2022
Mixed Feelings
What The Fuck?

Jashin-Chan Dropkick X, the third season, oh did I pray for your sublimity to correspond to a type of humor like Happy Tree Friends. Oh did I pray to you to give us moments as absurd as also pitiful with your angels and demons. Oh did I pray you to re-use the running gag that could still work after three seasons straight, namely Jashin-Chan’s Dropkick (Duh!). Oh did I pray to your humor more meta than ever.

Of course that I'm angry. Even extremely disappointed with the beauty it could give us. This season could not exist if our dear Japanese friends did not ...
Sep 12, 2022
“What makes an anime bad and boring, and what makes an anime good and engaging?"

I would be very honest to say that I greatly underestimated My Isekai Life. I would describe this anime as the "good shit" in a literal way, saying that I didn't believe I could laugh that much at what seemed as “another isekai like we can find masses of”.

Alright, now that the hot take is said, you might say to yourself, “Ohh, yet anooooother troll review that would give that piece of turd a 10/10”. I can already see these comments coming. It is by pure evidence by seeing the full ...
Dec 22, 2021
*Minor spoilers*

I feel bad for Puraore.

As the ultimate representative of the whole Canadian community and a pretty big defender of the main sport from the same country, I’m shocked to see this anime with a rating that low. As much as I like my CGDCT, it’s kind of a surprise to see it being that stable during the whole season. Never did it get over a seven, the least this kind of anime can get with how little it can work with.

Jokes aside, I don’t particularly like Puraore because I’m Canadian myself, otherwise it would sounds stupid for other people to see an anime that ...
Sep 21, 2021
Real Account (Manga) add
[This review contains minor spoilers]

Real Account could be described as one of the most boring manga you could ever read. A manga that you will think is built and ONLY built by using poor USA styled characterisations, clichéd misunderstanding over technology, mixed with some kind of shit moral that could be resumed as "Phones are bad; The Internet is bad" throughout the whole story. Adding to that the understatement that this manga is about a survival game you could only access by using your phone, which was also a subject used in other mediocre manga like "Ousama Game", "Darwin's Game" or even "Mirai Nikki", you ...
Mar 20, 2021
Children (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This review may content spoilers

"A story that starts badly usually ends in carnage."
I'm not saying that, the author herself wrote this, word for word, or at least what the translation tried to make me understand on the back of the second volume (Because I bought them, like any human being ). I am impressed of how honest she was by writing this, seeing how disgusting this manga was. As her first manga, maybe she could put it forward, but nope: devalued, depressed, desperate, all what it sadly deserved. But why tho? How did I get to read this and falling in some kind of traps ...
Sep 10, 2020
I feel like that it's kind of ironic that I've read a manga about a mangaka telling her story of her pregnancy... Even tho I know nothing about what she did in the past before "Shussan no Shikata ga Wakaranai", I still found her little story being entertaining and funny.

There really isn't much to say, we are following Ayami Kazama's story learning how to be pregnant and give birth successfully... that's it. And it's good. The story is really cute. It's like a story that the author might tell in a podcast : she tells her story as if it was made for a Youtube ...
Sep 7, 2020
This review may content spoilers
(TL;DR at the end)

I really like to give chances to mangas that didn't get an anime adaptation yet, I makes me feel like I'm in a team where I have to raise a voice to make an adaptation real. But man, in all of the manga that I've read, Torikago no Trugai was BORING. It was so boring that while I was reading it the first four chapters, I wanted to get an overview of the mangaka himself, Toutarou Minami. Then I saw that it was the first manga he ever wrote. "Good", it answered a lot of question that I ...
Apr 8, 2020
First of all, I would like to say that this anime is really not for everyone. But I assume that if you watch a review about the second season of "Jashin-chan Dropkick", it's probably due to the fact that you had watched the first season first.

"Jashin-chan Dropkick" is and will remain one of the best dark humor anime I've ever seen, certainly because I am one of those people who craves stupid, bloodthirsty, and deadly humor : the kind of one linked to sarcasm. Nichijou meets Gabriel DropOut. You add gore, but not too much: It creates this anime.

So that's my vision of this anime ...

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