Sep 10, 2020
I feel like that it's kind of ironic that I've read a manga about a mangaka telling her story of her pregnancy... Even tho I know nothing about what she did in the past before "Shussan no Shikata ga Wakaranai", I still found her little story being entertaining and funny.

There really isn't much to say, we are following Ayami Kazama's story learning how to be pregnant and give birth successfully... that's it. And it's good. The story is really cute. It's like a story that the author might tell in a podcast : she tells her story as if it was made for a Youtube video, Ayami mostly tells her story as a narrator instead of being her own character speaking during the whole manga. I get the Jaiden Animation vibes while reading this. Cute art, really well told, good pacing, not a masterpiece, but it's reality so we can't make it in a way that it is what we want.

It's just one volume, it's really short, but it's worth it if you want a little story to pass the time.
Reviewer’s Rating: 8
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