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Oct 4, 2018
In 2011, when Steins;Gate was uber-cool, and I was just taken away how intricate, search-able terms, and mind-boggling Steins;Gate is. To this date, in 2018, no time-travelling anime can top it. Erased is a different breed, but others like it sounded childish compared to this.

So what happened, then, in 2015, we're given this "alternate version", and this is an appalling, offensive OVA. I'm all for emphasizing story points, arc, plot, and character development, however, 2011 was such a long time that by 2015, we'll have to be convinced that "no, no, there's an alternate version ending and here it is!".

Steins;Gate is a visual novel to read more
Sep 15, 2018
By episode 25, I have to say I've dropped this show for good. It's just a waste of time. This could be an entertaining show if you're a noob in anime. But for those who've watched anime for like, 10 years and more, this was just a rehashed of the elements of shounen-types with all its stereotypes.

I watched this because I just got myself into the venture of cycling. And I did my research and could tell the hybrids, MTBs, and road bikes apart; and cyclocross, and touring, and brands like Specialized, Giant, Trek, Cannondale, Cube, KTM, Boardman, and more.

What you get here is the read more
Sep 7, 2018
I only bothered to watch this because Kana Hanazawa is in it.

Basically, Godzilla is a story recycled decades ago when Japan went mad with Tokusatsu-esque shows; this is one of them, alongside those other monster-movies (that space-turtle parodied in Yakitate!Japan actually is one of them), and anti-monster children-shows like Ultraman, for example. Then in the 90s, US of A's take went something so Hollywood-ish about a radioactive lizard, and how the US Army and every American arsenal can defeat it.

This, then, is just the true story of Godzilla rehashed into a modern Netflix-y thing: a monster that cannot be defeated (despite again, one of the read more
Aug 17, 2017
Right. I really didn't want to write a review, [I've finished season 2 btw] until I saw some 3 rating here in MAL. A thought dawned to me that, they must have too many first-world problems because they've got luxurious comfort zones.

Because it's like this:
Up until Daniel Craig, James Bond(s) have to be suave, and commandeering, caresses women, full of spy-gadgets like laser Omega watches, and that submersible Lotus Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me.
Then Daniel Craig's Bond came along, and the idea of Commander Bond being witty, calculating, sly, sexual, a gambler, all that, well, he got his balls whipped.

"No Mr. Bond, I read more
Jun 5, 2017
Right. It's been a long time I wrote a review, and I hadn't gotten much urge to write one until I saw Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice).

A very good friend of mine who calls himself "Tusk", got me into watching it. I had the feedback and opinions of those who have watched, and in my head, I would say that it "sucks", and yes, I stand corrected.

Watching Koe no Katachi, is like watching Thalia (Nishimiya, the comedy mask) and Melpomene (Ishida, the tragic mask) starring in a soap opera, a melodramatic Theatre of the Absurd.

Don't get me wrong, I do love KyoAni, since Air, read more
Apr 14, 2016
I've reiterated this in the past and let me say it again: KyoAni is like the Lamborghini of the anime realm. I say this so because whenever KyoAni releases an anime, the entire anime realm and fans know about it, in the same way as car enthusiasts immediately know what these Lambroghinis are: the Miura, Islero, Diablo, Murcielago, Gallardo, Aventador and Huracan. Yes, we know what these cars are—named after famous bulls.

Recently however, KyoAni seemed to have become "Audi", what's with the Amagi Brilliant Park? It falls short on the KyoAni material but it still passes the KyoAni-ness with flying colors, Hibike Euphonium does struggle read more
Jan 24, 2016
I have one question: who wrote this?
I'm very sure that back in 2011 after watching SNS season 2, that it wasn't horrible as what season 3 turned out. Only because I missed some Kugi-chan action did I opt to watch this now, and was nowhere near where season 2 left. Season 3 was all plot-driven, it was all dreadful.

Yep. Dreadful it is. I took time to read some of the high-rated reviews here and I get their main point: read the light novel, my backside. Read, because that is the original version of the Shakugan no Shana storyline. However, that's just the same read more
Jan 16, 2016
Let me confess one thing: I actually watched and finished Sword Art Online, except that you can't find it anywhere my list. Meanwhile, you can find titles like Date-A Live and Infinite Stratos, and even hackneyed things like Himouto Umaru-chan and Glasslip. Now why is that?

The answer is simple: I expected Date-A and IS to be harem-y and I know what I was gonna get and that's what I got (both exceeded my low-bar expectations anyway as I learned to acknowledge them both). Himouto and Glasslip, I expected them to be, well, hackneyed.
But when I watched SAO, I expected it to be RPG-fantasy-brilliant. It's read more
Dec 25, 2015
I remembered back in 2012 when there was a hype that Mitsubishi was about to release their new "Mirage". Mind you, it's what the Lancer coupe-version is called, and to top it off, it was the car where I first learned how to drive. It has a 2.0L engine so that alone means it's coupe-fast. Knowing Mitsubishi would release their new "Mirage" feels like knowing I'd get to meet an old friend again. Instead and unlikely so, the newly-released Mirage was nothing of what I imagined: it has a 3-cylinder 1.2L engine, it was small, it was not a sports sedan, it was what's known read more
Dec 1, 2015
Now, I shall begin my review that probably has nothing metaphorical to do with cars. No car brands and car models whatsoever.

Yama no Susume (Encouragement of Climb) began its season 1 as a 3-minute-per-episode moeblob, the “anime shorts” as some calls it. After watching the whole season 1 in an hour less, I thought that that was the end. And no farther stretching of stories will be made, unless the producers and staff will be making fillers. Perhaps another slice-of-life on high school grounds rather than mountains?

Instead, the writer(s) of season 2 went around (or researched) their Land of the Rising Sun to find mountains read more