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Jul 12, 2021
Fun fact: This is the most censored release EVER in the UK. Almost 7 minutes was cut before it was approved by the BBFC.

After Evil Town I was expecting something at least decent from Hells Wind but unfortunately, I was left very disappointed. It was an echo of the first OVA, Slumking: Barely any story, weak characters, and Jack back to being a boring silent hero. There were some ok action scenes but again, a lot of still shots were present. Possible budget issues? It was released over 2 years after Evil Town so they at least had some time to come up with a read more
Jul 11, 2021
I considered dropping the Violence Jack OVA’s after watching the travesty that was Slumking, but this was a surprising improvement. ‘Evil Town’ is set several months after the apocalypse in a small-scale underground area, split into three separate areas due to infighting. Jack is re-introduced after being found buried by some of the residents who are seeking escape. He still isn’t a fully fleshed out character but at least he talks now and has an actual personality, even if it is a bit thin. Similarly, the other characters also have something resembling a personality too, and the main villains manage to say more than a read more
Jul 10, 2021
I went in with low expectations for this one, but it managed to be even worse than I was expecting.

The beginning is fine, we get some short backstory about how the world has been destroyed and turned into a dystopia after a series of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. We then follow a group of girls escaping some evil-doers who want to make them into sex slaves. Sounds like the start to an entertaining, hyper-violent romp, right? Well, instead it turns into a boring, trash heap. There’s no story, no character development, nothing of real entertainment here.

Answer me this: Who the hell is Violence Jack read more
Jul 1, 2021
If you loved the show, you'll love this. If you were on the fence, the movie adaptation may turn you into a fan... if you're able to overlook some issues.

The film follows our heroine Violet and the exploits of the CH Postal Company, in a similar format to the show and earlier film. Violet writes letters, we learn about the sad stories of her clients, the usual. The appearance of the major brings in a break to the routine of things, and becomes the focal point of the second half of the film. I was expecting a more in-depth exploration of Violet and the major’s read more
Jun 29, 2021
A hentai with an actual plot? And it’s… pretty good too? Say it ain’t so.

The story follows Gen, who moves to his families’ mansion after his mother dies. Here, he’s introduced to his wheelchair bound grandmother and her mysterious silver haired maid. His family line holds a dark secret, which is slowly revealed to us during the course of the show. The mystery of his past and the inhabitants of his new house was actually pretty interesting, and the melancholy atmosphere was a large factor. The pacing was good too, not too fast or slow. Sadly, I thought the actual mystery did start to fizzle read more
Jun 22, 2021
While the characters manage to avoid being completely stereotypical and Doukyuusei is a more 'wholesome' take on the genre, the relationship between our protagonists (Kusakabe and Sajou) didn’t feel like it developed naturally to me. I wouldn’t describe their relationship as being shoehorned into the story, and we do get some pretty typical ‘will they or won’t they’ drama, but I didn’t get the impression that I really knew any of the characters during the run time of this short film.

Now, I understand that this is a plot point as the characters are shown to have difficulties committing; the problem was that as soon as read more
Jun 20, 2021
tl;dr Read the visual novel instead

This review is my attempt at providing a different perspective to the overly positive and negative reviews, and to explain exactly why Steins;Gate has caused such divisive reactions on MAL (and the internet at large).

Throughout the review I'll be using the term 'VN' to refer to the Steins;Gate visual novel. For those unaware, Steins;Gate was originally released as a visual novel in 2009, but wasn’t translated into English until 2014 (well after the anime originally aired). I’m well aware that attempting to adapt a 25+ hour long Visual Novel with 6 endings into a 24-episode anime is obviously going read more
Jun 20, 2021
Calling this the weakest entry in the Devilman OVA's is common knowledge (despite its obscurity), but its such a massive step back for the series that I'm not surprised it was the final entry.

Beginning with the art, it looks old and I don't mean that in a positive way. It looks a lot older than an anime from 2000 should look, I honestly had to double-check the release date. It’s not done in a ‘retro’ style either, the overall design just looks outdated. Well, it is true that the other two Devilman OVA’s are quite old, so what about the action scenes? Those were great read more
Jun 15, 2021
As a fan of the original game, I was curious about Sin: The Movie. The original PC game was no masterpiece but it had fun level design, good FPS action and a kick-ass wisecracking hero in John Blade. Reading some of the reviews and ratings, I was cautious about watching this one. The series has been dead in the water since 2006 when the sequel series ‘Sin: Episodes’ was cancelled. Other than those two games (and a planned remaster), this is the only other piece of media in the series available to fans. So, I decided to check it out regardless and see what the read more
Jun 15, 2021
First off, I haven’t played the original game on the Saturn and my knowledge of it is fairly limited. I do know that it’s a fairly brief rail shooter and was one of the killer apps in the early days of the console. This OVA, produced with the assistance of SEGA, was released a year and a half later by Production I.G. Yes, THAT Production I.G.

The plot is a convoluted 'Hero rescues girl from monster' story, and all parts of it are generic from beginning to end. People not familiar with the source material (like myself) will just be left confused about what’s going on read more