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May 25, 2010
Kinukawa Yuusuke is a gay patissier and part-time piano player. Sometimes he plays in a small jazz club at night. He notices one of a group of regulars, a young yakuza guy named Fukami Hikaru glancing his way often and ends up as Fukami's private piano instructor. Friday nights he'll go there and teach Fukami piano. Slowly Yuusuke gets drawn into Fukami's dark and dangerous Yakuza lifestyle. He falls in love, but after traumatic experiences in prison Fukami has ended a homophobe. Yuusuke decides that he wants to be around him though - even if it is just to play piano for him.

Negai Kanae Tamae ...
Mar 1, 2010
The story
In Junior High Honami and his first love Terumi used to give each other hand jobs in a hot stuffy room at the gas station. But Terumi couldn't decide to be with Honami properly and in the end they never confessed and never even kissed. Now Honami is in love with his class mate Shouji and gets to finally enjoy a real relationship and sex life. But when he tells Shouji about his past, Shouji wants to see what his lovers' first love is like and meets Terumi. And now there's an attraction sizzling between Honami's ex-lover and his current lover. No matter what ...
Nov 3, 2009
Asahina-sensei is far from the ideal teacher - he comes to class drunk and sleeps around. But one time he chooses the wrong love hotel and is filmed "in the act". And now that video has come into the hands of his student, the extremely self-assured, good looking and rumoured to be gay Yuasa. Yuasa has been in love with his English teacher since the first day in class - when he sees a video of Asahina with a woman that shows the teacher unable to reach climax without having his backside played with, Yuasa suspects that Asahina may not be as insusceptible to trying ...
Sep 27, 2009
CUT (Manga) add
By accident one night Chiaki and his stepfather with whom he has a masochistic affair are witnessed by Chiaki's schoolmate Eiji. Chiaki feels guilty about having caused an accident that killed his real father. As a result he finds comfort in cutting himself and sleeping with his sadistic stepfather, trying to cover the feeling of one pain with another. Chiaki sees a like mind in Eiji who is hiding a secret past so dark it even surpasses Chiaki's and has problems that make Chiakis comfort in pain appear minor. Eiji who is haunted by his own terrible past cannot become close to people. Fate throws ...

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