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Nov 18, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (60/? chp)
Before i say anything else, this manga is an adult romance/hentai made for ladies. This means all i will say about this manga is viewed with this label in mind, and comparisons to other manga OUTSIDE this label are futile. Reading this manga is purely for fun and should not be taken too seriously as with this review ;)

So, lets get right to it: ACTUAL REVIEW
As is to be expected of the porn/adult romance genre, there are tropes. And lots of them. And oh boy, it is fun! Right at the beginning we got the hot and sexy firefighter male lead, but oh, surprise! He ...
Apr 12, 2020
Before i start: i am a fan of the Manga, and i write about the anime IN COMPARISON to each other = more meta. (TL;DR at bottom)

So, the anime by netflix got a second season. What is different?

The most apparent thing is the story and pacing. It got so. much. better. ( than the first season)
Finally we get some semblance of the character development that the manga is all about, we get the background stories of some characters which should have been explained in the first season.

It really feels like this pacing should have been applied in the first season, which was just a ...
Mar 14, 2020
What is this? Basically porn with a little romance and pretty characters. NO rapey or cringey shit. Quite realistic and believable too. If you are a woman, and want to see how hentai/media geared towards women could look like, try it!!!
BUT! hear me out:

Adult content that is geared toward women (be it in manga, anime or even games) is EXTREMELY rare. At least the content i am looking for. ( Not yaoi) In my judgement i have some standards similar to the Bechdel test although wayyyyy less strict and not as thorough considering we are dealing with a rather sexist culture producing our content ...
Aug 6, 2019
Tsukikage baby is a manga about a small provincial town and its traditional dance, Kaze-no bon.

THe STORY is about Romance and dancing, beginnings and ends, letting go and finding a new home. The dance itself is depicted and discussed in such a way that it appeares to be more than plot, almost as a charcter. Its the binding element in this story and gives it cohesion and also rounds off the story and ties in every character.
The manga is rather short, the romance is quite simple or lets say conventional, but the main focus is the small towns community and the tradition of dance. ...
Jun 30, 2019
7 Seeds (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
as a fan of the manga, i can only say: READ THE MANGA!!!!!!!!

so TL;DR : the anime doesnt do the Manga justice. AT. ALL.

As it was mentioned before, too many chapters of the original got stuffed into 12 episodes of half-heartedly done animations.
This means the main strength of the original story - character development, depth, details and relationships/interactions within a group in a dangerous environment- got thrown out the window.
Many events that would further explain the characters and their motivations, have been left out or haphazardly summarized so all the development and understanding of said characters gets lost to the ...
Mar 20, 2019
Preliminary (127/181 chp)
this series is not completed yet and i write this review as i have finished reading chapter 127.

About the story: The setup is fairly sweet but things start to rapidly develop and i promise its thrilling! I have until now rarely seen this level of analyzing, strategies, deducting, attention to details and psychology. There are also later on survival elements, the setting will shift to a dystopian world and society and its structures i assume at this point will come more into focus. It is gripping, thrilling and challenging. This story so far has all the things i appreciate in a well written ...
Feb 19, 2019
7 Seeds (Manga) add
Are you tired of all the old boy meets girl romance stories? The neverending fight-another-villain of shonen? Sick of stories that seem to have only one main focus?

Then read 7 Seeds!

Story 10/10 : The setting is unusal for shoujo/josei comics and its a shame there are only so few. The main focus is survival, life and death, adventure,mystery, but also social interactions, relationships on different levels,wirking together, overcoming ones weaknesses, discovering what happened, self -reflection and growth. 7 Seeds is so layered and treats each topic with an earnest approach, the research on scientific topics is well done. The story keeps the reader ...
Feb 19, 2019
Mars (Manga) add
There are already a ton of revies about this, so ill keep this as short as possible. I was wandering around Mars since its been published in my country, however i avoided reading it when i was a teenager as at the time it wasnt my main interest. I had heard good and bad things about it, but i never really bothered.
Now roughly 15 years later, i am looking for good josei and come across this one again and i decide to give it a go.

Honestly, i didnt expect too much. I was pleasantly surprised however, (and ended up bingeing the whole ...
Feb 18, 2019
Boyfriend (Manga) add
First off, this manga is from the 80s. so there is a difference in behaviour and societal norms depicted then in comparison to now.

The story starts our fairly common, boy meets girl, something happens, they fall in love maybe, etc.... BUT! Its what is around the primary objective of just romance that makes this story different. The family situations, the past of the characters as well as their own thoughts/reflections. The way the story is told also makes the characters relatable to the reader.

The pacing is relatively slow, sometimes things are omitted and some things may be seen differently today as they were ...
Feb 18, 2019
Chicago (Manga) add
Preliminary (5/8 chp)
As a fan of Tamura Yumi, i checked it out in hopes of another epic story like 7Seeds or Basara.

As this work seems to be unfinished or abandoned, i write this for the potential it had.

Story: the setting is a slightly fururistic tokyo, and our main heroes belong to a special forces team to help save civillians and take on special missions. Its quite an unusual setting for josei, but all the better for it, i think the category needs so much more diverse content than just romance . The story stars with action and is really promising, it would have been great so ...

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