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Sep 14, 2011
The awful story of a sluty 'Newscaster' who ruins everyone's lives by doing her job horribly. Rape doesn't usually bug me in hentai, but this is just borderline retarded.
It seems everyone in this hentai has something wrong with their brain. The police, the military, the newscasters, Snipers, cameramen, bystanders; EVERYONE.

Saying this you can probably already imagine that the story-line is just as stupid, and hard to follow. With only two episodes you wouldn't expect side stories that were of no use to the plot, but there they are anyway; making zero sense and making you shake your head in shame.

The only good thing about this read more
Mar 17, 2011
A simply AMAZING read.
A fresh gulp of air from the typical yaoi manga, with a structured plot that is both easy to get into and hard to get away from.

Unlike many yaoi manga I've read in the past this one really stands out, and not for the usual reasons either.
"The cute couple," or "the great sex scenes," no, this was truly a very interesting and well thought out story! The idea of a single male taking care of his daughter in yaoi manga, the plot in itself is already so original, an untapped market!

The characters are also very charming and easy read more
Nov 25, 2010
Extremely original! You won't find a manga with the same plot anywhere! A story of misunderstandings, betrayal, confidence, and misconceptions, you won't be able to tear yourself away! The art is gorgeous, and the characters have much appeal, fashion and real life situations fit to a, 'T.' This manga is particularly amazing for it's detail and amazing attention to characters regardless on how short the piece may have been. Though you're only familiar with this band of teenagers for one chapter, you find yourself instantly connected and have feelings for all of them. You'll scream at their mistakes and find yourself exclaiming, "Why? Whyyy?!" Be read more
Sep 19, 2010
A continuation to this fun and cool view on history, with the help of sexy bishonen and adorable Shota points to keep the story active and funny. It's pretty much the same as the first season, except there are many extra mini stories added and the introduction to many new Countries and plot developments.
If you enjoyed the first season, you will surely enjoy this second clever season~!
Sep 19, 2010
Okay, if you don't have a thing for Shota and Bl, then you really should NOT be here. The Pico series is full to the brim with it, and if you haven't figured that out by now, you should start paying attention.

Now personally, I'm a big fan of shota, so it was a fine surprise to see the character design for this production was very nice. Someone did their homework on the anatomy of little boys~
You can bet there's a type for every Shota fan out there too,

The sweet quiet one with a hidden agenda,
The tough, scrapped up, angry boy,
and the charming and gorgeous little read more
Sep 3, 2010
A very troubling and bewildering manga.
It wasn't bad, the creative flow of it really shined through~
At it's first read-through it's pretty hard to understand, that or it was meant for the very mentally achieved. It's amazing in it's own sense, I've never encountered a style such as this one! I would definitely suggest it to the Horror genre crowd, as I enjoyed the bizarreness of it all.
In it's entirety it is a inspiring work in it's own~
It was meant to be a on-shot~~
Jun 22, 2010
Clamp in Wonderland is a gorgeous music video featuring Kamui of, 'X/1999' falling into the rabbit hole of Wonderland~ It's cast with full-colors and a soft mood that's sure to make you smile from ear to ear! If you're a fan of cross-overs, then you definitely have to get on this!!

Wonderland is surely the place you visit in this cute animation, a place where you feel like you can touch the stars and taste the sky! Needless to say it's obvious I really enjoyed it~ Clamp's style is so diverse and each character is different throughout art-forms of the the video. You'll meet read more
Jun 16, 2010
I'm really not into fantasy BL, but I found that this manga totally turned the whole idea around! When mixing action and romance genres, things can get pretty difficult, yet Yamane Ayano's hard work on this piece was very apparent, as she managed to find the perfect blend while keeping her reader's attention upright! Not to mention the gorgeous art style~ Both her seme and uke are totally scrumptious, if you're into a pair of delicious men stirring things up without being, "Oh-my-god! Hearts-shojo-pretty-romance-lovey-dovey~♥♥" gay, then this is definitely in your reading range!

The plot is actually quite original, one of the reasons I enjoyed read more
Jun 15, 2010
This one-shot was very fun~ I was surprised when it when in a totally different direction than I was expecting. It was like, "what a twist!" Without the tired ending. It was short, fun, and left me pretty content~ The art was pleasant to the eyes and the story was original. It may be just because I love Detectives, but this piece of BL was a must-read~♥