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Dec 9, 2019
I am not normally a manga reader but when I found this synopsis on upcoming anime with no guarantee on release date, I yearned to read it. Even though it is still early to make a review, I thought I should make one on what I have read so far.
Story: 7//10
This story idea reminded me of One punch man. The story revolves around an Overpowered Demon Lord seeking peace with the other races. But, he is impatient on witnessing this peace develop and decides to reincarnate in 2000 years to view this period of peace and his bloodline. It turns out that this peace has read more
Nov 7, 2019
I will reference Transformers Superlink by its English alternate of Transformers Energon. Energon was the second part to the Unicorn trilogy which we won't delve into because of how much stuff there is need ed to cover. It takes place 10 years after armada introducing new characters.
Story: 6/10
10 years after the events of Armada, the main cast of characters are pushed aside and we are given a new character by the name of Kicker. Autobots and Decepticons somehow made an alliance and are mining for energon, a type of energy in the series. Honestly, I was quite shocked and confused that they managed to have read more
Oct 31, 2019
Beastars is one of the anime for this the fall season of 2019 that I was not expecting to be good. When I first read the description of Beastars, I was a bit iffy on watching it. It made me think "Oh, Zootopia the anime" I contemplated on watching it and was nearly not going to watch it until my friend urged me to. I was not disappointed by what I experienced.
As I had mentioned, the story revolves around the wolf Legoshi living in a world inhabited by herbivores and carnivores. Sounds very familiar to a certain animated movie *cough* zootopia *cough*. But unlike zootopia, read more
Oct 26, 2019
"This show is one of the BEST shows this anime season" is something no one will say about this show. Like some others seasonal animes, it is average at best.
Story 5/10
My first issue is the story. Initially, it is about a guy named Takuma whom society views as an evil entity despite his true personality being a nervous person. One day, he encounters Odin, the norse god, and supposedly his daughters, who are Valkryies, must perform romantic or sexual acts upon him to increase their power to stop evil forces. One slight problem with the story tho, the audience has to figure much of this read more
Oct 16, 2019
Eyeshield 21 is about a teenage boy, Sena, entering a new school which his childhood friend, a year older than him, goes to. The school allows him a fresh start from being everyones gopher.... until he runs into some bullies. From there, he manages to run away from them with excellent speed that the captain of the football decides to get him to join the Football team. However, the captain of the team, Hiruma, realizes other clubs will try to recruit him so he gives Sena an eyeshield to protect his identity.
Story 7/10
The story does not come off as something unique but it is entertaining. read more
Oct 15, 2019
This show is mainly for people that are fans of the hit mobile game Honkai Impact 3rd but don't let that stop you from watching this show about food and cute girls.
There is not anything great about the story since each episode is about 5 minutes and they each include a dish that is talked about. Though, it allows people at home to attempt new foods or drinks. Each episode consists of wonderful recipes and items that many people could afford if they go to a nearby grocery store.
Not much is said about the art. It is not great art, but it is not read more