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Jun 30, 2022
Machikado Mazoku: 2-choume is a magical show, and not just because it focuses on Magical Girls. But rather because it is a top-tier CGDCT that manages to excel in both fun comedic moments but also strong storytelling and character writing.

Machikado has always excelled at it's comedy and the same comedy stylings that made it such a fun and unique watch in its first season are back in the second season. The same quick humor and attention to detail returns although this time with a slower speed outside of some of those comedic moments. There are still a lot of fun whimsical moments in the background read more
Mar 25, 2021
Show By Rock Stars is what Show By Rock # should have been. Rather than try to make up a grand plot and rehash the previous season Show By Rock Stars is a celebration of Show By Rock and the many bands that have stared in the anime throughout its many seasons. Stars carves out a nice balance between the slice of life band growth focus of Mashumairesh and the band celebration and focus that it’s aiming for. It even has a hint of a plot as a homage to the first two seasons. And personally while the two areas of focus can be read more
Mar 22, 2021
Don’t be fooled by the memes, Pui Pui Molcar is more than just a show that rose because of meme value. Rather Pui Pui Molcar is a perfect example of innovation and charm that utilizes its short runtime to the fullest.

Molcar introduces us to a world where guinea pig cars are the norm and it is quite cute. It’s an interesting premise and it’s executed quite well. There are fun skits with them which utilize the premise quite well. We get to both see the molcars on their own having fun and doing their own adventuress, as well as how they tie in with read more
Dec 28, 2020
A show doesn’t have to be complex or meaningful to be good. Sometimes all you need are some endearing characters and a whole bunch of fun and silly setups and it can create an amazing show that’s a complete joy to watch. And that’s basically Fruit Tart. While Fruit Tart may not have the same level of development or depth that other top tier CGDCT have, it does make up for it by being unique and having a lot of fun.

The premise of Fruit Tart is simple, you have a couple of rejects and put them together into an idol group. There they try read more
Dec 21, 2020
Isekai has come out in full force recently giving us a lot of different isekai adaptations, many of which appeal to the same sort of video game inspired wish fulfillment sort of set up. And while there is nothing wrong with this on paper, it does end up feeling very samey when these wish fulfillment isekais hit on the same notes over and over again. Endless power, lots of cool video-game like abilities, and a harem of cute girls. I get the appeal but it often leaves a lot to be desired to me. On the other hand there is Kami-tachi. Don't get me wrong read more
Mar 26, 2020
It all starts with a girl from the middle of nowhere with a dream of music and making it big. Now if you heard that before I wouldn't be surprised at all since it seems to be a commonly used trope in media. But despite the start there is so much that Show By Rock Mashumairesh!! is able to do with it that puts it a cut above the rest. For while our main character, Howan, comes to the big city with dreams of rocking the world what she gets is something even more powerful and meaningful, strong bonds and friendships and a tight knit read more
Dec 18, 2019
Houkago Saikoro Club is a simple show that manages to succeed with its accurate representation of playing board games along with the character development and heartwarming interactions that are brought on by these games. There are lots of fun moments that can happen during a board game and the show does a good job of communicating these moments and showcasing the fun, glory, and growth that they get from playing these games.

The characters in Saikoro Club are generally well developed and showcase a good example growth that is tied in well to the subject matter that is being focused on. In the case of read more
Sep 27, 2019
The problem with anime and edge is that so often you get edge for the sake of edge rather than edge as the result of well thought out ideas and the natural conclusion of events. And while Granbelm tries to be interesting with its edge, it fails massively and comes off as yet another edgefest that has no idea how to write its ideas well.

The biggest rub is that Granbelm does have some good ideas. There is intrigue in a competition where girls compete to be the sole magical entity in the world. The premise is a bit forced but there is a lot to read more
Sep 26, 2019
When a show focuses on making a particular character the butt of the joke it can be hard for the show to fit into the mold of a typical CGDCT. CGDCT strive to be lighthearted and fun, rather than mean. Having a character get "bullied" can easily change the tone of the show and in a genre that lives off of the heartwarming and/or lighthearted vibe, like CGDCT, it can be a delicate balance. And while there are shows that I have watched that have tried it and failed, Machikado Mazoku is able to blend the two of them very well and creates for a read more
Jun 29, 2019
When I was young and first was getting into anime the harem genre was one of my favorites. It was a pleasure to watch a lot of cute girls do cute and lewd things, as well as have the excitement of seeing who would win and fighting in waifu wars with friends that had objectively inferior taste (unless they happened to pick actual best girl, and in that case they're fine.)

However after watching more and more of these, it became clear that while some were well made and had lots of life to them, there were others that were not well made and ended read more