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Mar 26, 2020
It all starts with a girl from the middle of nowhere with a dream of music and making it big. Now if you heard that before I wouldn't be surprised at all since it seems to be a commonly used trope in media. But despite the start there is so much that Show By Rock Mashumairesh!! is able to do with it that puts it a cut above the rest. For while our main character, Howan, comes to the big city with dreams of rocking the world what she gets is something even more powerful and meaningful, strong bonds and friendships and a tight knit read more
Dec 18, 2019
Houkago Saikoro Club is a simple show that manages to succeed with its accurate representation of playing board games along with the character development and heartwarming interactions that are brought on by these games. There are lots of fun moments that can happen during a board game and the show does a good job of communicating these moments and showcasing the fun, glory, and growth that they get from playing these games.

The characters in Saikoro Club are generally well developed and showcase a good example growth that is tied in well to the subject matter that is being focused on. In the case of read more
Sep 27, 2019
The problem with anime and edge is that so often you get edge for the sake of edge rather than edge as the result of well thought out ideas and the natural conclusion of events. And while Granbelm tries to be interesting with its edge, it fails massively and comes off as yet another edgefest that has no idea how to write its ideas well.

The biggest rub is that Granbelm does have some good ideas. There is intrigue in a competition where girls compete to be the sole magical entity in the world. The premise is a bit forced but there is a lot to read more
Sep 26, 2019
When a show focuses on making a particular character the butt of the joke it can be hard for the show to fit into the mold of a typical CGDCT. CGDCT strive to be lighthearted and fun, rather than mean. Having a character get "bullied" can easily change the tone of the show and in a genre that lives off of the heartwarming and/or lighthearted vibe, like CGDCT, it can be a delicate balance. And while there are shows that I have watched that have tried it and failed, Machikado Mazoku is able to blend the two of them very well and creates for a read more
Jun 29, 2019
When I was young and first was getting into anime the harem genre was one of my favorites. It was a pleasure to watch a lot of cute girls do cute and lewd things, as well as have the excitement of seeing who would win and fighting in waifu wars with friends that had objectively inferior taste (unless they happened to pick actual best girl, and in that case they're fine.)

However after watching more and more of these, it became clear that while some were well made and had lots of life to them, there were others that were not well made and ended read more
Jun 26, 2019
When I first heard of Shield Hero I was not that impressed. It seemed like the typical isekai designed with elements to shit on the main character and get people riled up because of that. And when I watched the first episode I had some very mixed thoughts. They were dabbling with some touchy subject matter to say the least, and had many elements that I personally found off-putting, however the execution was pretty good. As it turned out the strong execution managed to mitigate the concerns I had with those elements and ended up making what I consider to be a very good show.

There read more
Jun 21, 2019
When I first saw Hitoribocchi in the seasonal list I was excited. Being a big fan of CGDCT, and very much enjoying those CGDCT that focus on real, relatable problems, I was excited to see what Hitoribocchi had to offer. While the issue of low self-esteem and social anxiety is not new to CGDCT, I personally like to see what each take on it is, and to gleem whatever there can be from the situations that the characters get into. There is a lot of potential in the idea, as the wholesome friendly tone of CGDCT allow for these more serious topics to be covered read more
Mar 26, 2019
Given the recent trend of age gap yuri pairings, it's almost natural to expect Wataten to follow the same pattern. Even more so when one considers that the most recent version before this was just a season before and also was done by the same studio. But while many of the other age gap shows play up the creepiness of the actions either for horror or humor, Wataten is able to take a more nuanced take on what is happening.

First things first, I can understand why it can be somewhat uncomfortable for audiences to watch the main character so obviously have a crush on read more
Mar 24, 2019
Ueno-san is a simple show at heart, but it manages to use great execution, creative ideas, and one very adorable Ueno-san in order to make a comedy that not only works, but provides more than just it's comedic jokes.

At it's heart it is a sexual joke comedy like other shows before it, most of Ueno's inventions have to do with something lewd, or something romantic. While some shows go out of their way to force this sort of stuff, and Ueno-san admittedly at times can too, the bulk of these have a simple source: the infinite horniness of Ueno-san, and how much she loves her read more
Dec 21, 2018
I've watched a lot of CGDCT. I've also enjoyed a lot of CGDCT. While the best shows are able to not only be cute and provide wonderful characters who are a complete joy to watch but also provide something more to it, something that resonates and feels noteworthy, the mediocre shows usually manage to do some gags and have some fun but not excel with their characters or the things built with them. Vampire is in a weird middle ground. It's characters are good but not great, and the fun they have is decent but also not exceedingly cute and fun. And the show manages read more