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Sep 21, 2018
I love a good CGDCT. If you were to look through all of my favorites and the shows I rank highly you would find a lot of CDCGT that I gave a high score to. I also like sports shows and find them as a good way to get hype and experience the highs and lows of competition without the negative ramifications of death or other dark results like with some shounen. A pairing between the two seems odd and when combined with the echii tag there are a lot of distinct parts that are mixed together. And while I think it can be done read more
Jun 27, 2018
Recently gacha mobile games have been taking up more of the video game landscape. With more gacha games being released each year and many of them getting their own anime, it should be expected that a show like Last Period would come along and decide to parody the whole system. What is more surprising is how well the show is able to do that.

While there are a lot of gacha jokes that could be made, after all the system and its likeness to gambling make it an easy target of parody and jokes. Just look at any gacha board's subreddit and you will be read more
Jun 22, 2018
Sports shounen is a popular genre. There are many shows that are about a team overcoming all odds in order to win the tournament. However less common is a show like Gurazeni that is less about winning and more about the lives of players in the Nippon Baseball League. There is no grand tournament, just a regular season of baseball. There is no high stakes in the matches, and while they do matter to an extent more weight is put into the characters and the experiences that they go through. The real stakes in the matches are the livelihoods of the characters who are effected read more
Jun 21, 2018
Comic Girls fits in an interesting spot for CGDCT shows. While there is an abundance of CGDCT that manage to have nice light fluffy interactions but with little depth, it s rare to see a show like Comic Girls where the depth of the show is the highlight. With Comic Girls there is a lot of depth given to the characters, who they are, what they're aiming for, and the growth that they have as comic artists. While the characters do have their gimmicks and can seem a bit cliche at the start. There is much more to them than that. One thing I appreciate read more
Mar 31, 2018
There is no anime that I am more confident in calling a masterpiece than 3-gatsu no Lion. What it is able to do is so powerful and I find it unparalleled by any other show that I have watched. Every single aspect of the show is masterful and is able to shine and enhance the show even more.

With 3-gatsu no Lion looks to be about Shogi, shogi is only one thing in a sea of ideas and themes that the show covers. depression as well is a main theme of the show, but I wouldn't say it's the only theme. Rather, I'd say the theme read more
Mar 30, 2018
Jiggly jiggly heaven in real life!

The show that literally melted!

There is a lot that can be said about Madchen Madchens decline in quality to episode 9 where after a two week break it came out with animation that rivaled Animegataris' club's animation. It was disappointing and memed on by about everyone. And it makes sense. That episode was terrible.

But the show isn't just that episode. In fact the rest of the show is quite good and it's unfortunate that this episode will now overtime the good parts of the show with it's infamy.

Yes, there were lackluster parts to the show like the edgy subplot that read more
Mar 30, 2018
Do you want to watch some cute cats doing odd jobs? Well why wouldn't you!

Hataraku Onii-san may not be a big ticket show but what it tries to do it does very well. The moment of them working are varied and showcase the different places that they work at well. The show also does a good job of showing the bond between the two workplace buddies and how they slowly become closer with time. While the show does have a general formula it also knows how to use that formula well in order to make everything work and still have it feel fresh. Furthermore read more
Mar 30, 2018
For me Iyashikei is a mixed bag. While I usually find myself enjoying them somewhat, often times the shows focus too much on the healing ascepts without anything deeper under them. While the nice simple moments of life are nice, it can get repetitive if that is all a show has to offer. Luckily in the case of Hakumei to Mikochi there is so much more that it has to offer.

Hakumei to Mikochi features a unique setting that it uses the fullest of it's potential. Each element of its setting is explored and is fully thought out. It's not just a bunch of random read more
Mar 29, 2018
A mummy, an oni, a dragon, and a baku. Sounds like a recipe for a mess doesn't it? But rather it's the opposite. Despite the supernatural beasts that make up the main creatures of the show, the center of the show is down to earth, a love story between pet and owner.

Each of the pet and owner pairs are helped by coming together and being with each other. In many cases the humans are able to grow by being with the pets and caring for them, and the same can be said about the animals. Whether they need someone to care for them or someone read more
Mar 28, 2018
Comedy is great. The ability to make humor and get the audience laughing is a wonderful thing. However it is often the case that in that pursuit of comedy other aspects of a show is ignored. While there are many shows that are funny, there are less shows that are able to branch out from that humor.

Dame X Prince is one of those that can. First off as a fan of outlandish and silly humor the humor of the show was right up my ally. There a ton of good jokes that exist in the show, and there are several running gags that the show read more