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Feb 25, 2022
Spell of the Unown, featuring a new legendary and mysterious Pokemon, amply lives up to the previous two movies of the series.

Even though the movie still suffers from the same staging issues, such as poorly-textured CGI and backgrounds standing out of the 2D elements and creating awkward camera work in some shots, the movie amply makes up for it with it's great characters/pokemon acting and it's attention to detail.

While the other Pokemon movies mainly revolved around legendary pokemon, this one focuses on the new young girl, Mii, and most specifically her psyche, in a great way. All the backgrounds/pokemon appearing are the results of her ...
Feb 25, 2022
A fantastic movie ! I love how well structured it is despite being only 40 minutes long. Not only is the story really great, beginning with the apparition of a single Digimon and ending with a dramatic situation threatening the entire world, but the staging is also incredible.

All the movements in this movie feel incredibly lively, with great framerate modulation giving more impact and momentum to the scenes. I also love how the movie makes us take part in the universe : whether it's with the first-person perspective shots (especially that scene where Taichi was slowly reaching for the computer, with his heavy breath in ...
Feb 24, 2022
Wakako-zake (Anime) add
Wakako-zake tackles an interesting issue in the medium of animation : how to convey this delicate and exquisite sense that is the taste, though moving pictures ?

Despite it's relatively shorts episodes (1m30 without the opening), Wakako-zake manages to build a multi-layered sensory description of all the dishes it features, in such a way that even we, the spectators, can feel and almost taste everything as Wakako does.

Whether it's through doing close up/panning shots on very detailed frames of the different dishes, using a wide array of sound effects to emulate the sounds of mastication and cooking, displaying colored backgrounds to illustrate the protagonist's emotions or ...
Feb 24, 2022
I believe this anime is quite misinterpreted, or rather in a way that doesn't do justice to its own way of conveying meaning, both in terms of the appreciation that a lot of people have of it and in terms of ratings, which are a direct consequence of it.

Merc Storia is maybe not the best structured anime by it's episodic narrative, however it stands out by its formal elements, such as its quality to highlight and develop the different characters playing a role in it. Even though the narrative arcs may seem a bit redundant, the different stories all tackle complex issues and themes, such ...
Feb 24, 2022
Just stumbled upon Kerokko Demetan by sheer luck after looking for a silly and relaxing anime, but it turned out I was quite wrong about what I first thought about it. Despite being an anime whose target audience are essentially kids, Kerokko Demetan tackles issues that are not as childish as they seem.

Kerokko Demetan depicts the story of a young eponymous frog, our hero Demetan, and his family, who after being evicted from their living place by newts (the in media res opening scene giving us a glimpse of the atrocity of the world in which we, the spectators, are almost immediately immersed) and losing ...
Jan 9, 2021
Cocolors (Anime) add
In an apocalyptic world stripped of all life and emotions, how can one find hope and the will to live ? Cocolors revolves around this concept of hope through a drawing made in collaboration with the two main characters, Fuyu and Aki.

As time goes by, more and more people are dying in the colony which profoundly affects the moral of it's inhabitants, who have indulged in religious acts probably to keep their sanity. Whereas Aki is drafted to the Salvage Unit, Fuyu completes a drawing illustrating his conception of the outside world, according to Aki's description. However, one question remains : what is the ...

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