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Oct 23, 2021
Fena: Pirate Princess (FENA) can be quite hectic at times, with its pace and storyline being a little erratic, especially with the damsel in distress trope that is played out until the end. But I'd say it's one of the season's most original and engrossing stories so far. As Fena managed to deliver a lovely blend of action and comedic romance, we found ourselves rooting for such a lovely couple on this thrilling adventure filled with laughs and genuine excitement.

It starts with our clumsy little pirate, Fena, being accompanied by seven loyal samurai followers on this historic journey. Embarking on a journey to discover the read more
Sep 27, 2021
Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan (UO) tells you a story about how one life must always go on, despite all those depressing circumstances of living a poor, sad, and lonely life in this accursed society. As someone who has been struggling with crippling depression for years, I really couldn't agree more with this miserable truth. 

And it is such a breath of fresh air to see how UO is a story that always does as it pleases to depict the miserable life of a grown-up adult when life truly isn't all about sunshine, and watching UO may help you to realize this sooner rather than later. read more
Sep 18, 2021
Although I want to bash Tokyo Revengers (TR) for all its worth, I found myself on the cheering side of the show. 

It is a fact that watching TR can be a bit frustrating at times, with its endlessly slow pace of development, musclebrain characters that are only full of punches, an exaggerated fight filled with bloody spurts, and the poorly excused plot just because it needs to. Can TR still be considered as a good series in the end? My answer would still be yes, it is. 

As a newcomer to the time-traveling genre, TR manages to present itself as a brand new story with a read more
Sep 17, 2021
GF GF is such a highly overrated show, but in its entirety, it is just lukewarm at best. 

At first, I thought I had found a hidden gem, but it turned out to be a whole whirlpool of mud that was trying to disguise itself as one. As a generic series that always falls short of its originality, GF GF is just a series that is trying to appear original by accepting the concept of having more than one partner at a time. But it never succeeded with its bizarre roller-coaster of chaos that simply ensued from the questionable thinking of one boy, who decided to read more
Aug 31, 2021
This is not about an overpowered main character that wreaks havoc on everything in his path, nor is it about love stories that unfold in a magical dungeon. Well, it is there, but it's more about the journey of Bell to seek his reason and self-worth for living in this harsh world.

In a world where every god has also lived in the lower realm, it is not surprising to see the clash between them as they seek excitement and power among their worshippers. Bell Cranel, a high-spirited young man who dreams of becoming a strong and dependable adventurer, decided to become one himself to fulfill read more
Aug 31, 2021
Basically, this Kotoura-san: Haruka no Heya is not a continuation of the series like Ova or etc. It’s just about the simple appearance of each character in the series. It still has its comedic relief side, but there is no actual plot that can serve as a continuation or whatnot. As it is there to call out all of the characters from the main series to make short and special appearances. On another note, all of the characters have been turned into chibis. Simple but fun to watch. It's there simply to wrap up the story of the main series. Given how short the duration read more
Aug 15, 2021
Ah.. the masterpiece...

Time is infinite but between the past, present, and the future. Is it just too much to ask about how we could ever reach a happy ending and an ever-lasting future? Do we need to sacrifice everything that we hold dear? or simply making the right choices at the right time? This is the story of how one character bears the true weight of that burden in ensuring the continuity of his loved one's smile, even at the cost of his life. This is the story of Okabe Rintarou. The very mad scientist who will shake and define the principles of time and read more
Aug 10, 2021
TLDR; Nyan Nyan Nyan! A story with pure love moments.

This one is pure vanilla, full of fluffy stuff, and, of course, the never-ending good love vibe. But sometimes, that is why it's so hard to resist the charm!

The plot of this one is mainly about a love story between a married couple. There is just nothing much to see aside from the sugar rush and diabetes here and there. But oh no, their relationship suddenly went sour because the husbando didn't pay much attention to his wife. Hence, it is time for some naughty action! Aww Yamete Kudasai Onii-chan!!

But honestly, the story itself is quite read more
Aug 5, 2021
Henshin (Manga) add (All reviews)
Henshin had my hopes up high in the first half, but it left me unimpressed and depressed in the end.

The story itself is about how one life can be tainted, so bad to the point where, little by little, you can't even see any way out anymore. Barely holding on to a fragile string that is wishing for better choices, yet it just keeps getting miserable until the very end. As we're engulfed in feelings of hopelessness, alone, and lonely, perhaps, death is by no means salvation itself.

As it had a whole pool of interesting characters that could be darker than black, full of read more
Aug 3, 2021
TLDR; It’s good.

If I can not inspire love, I will cause fear. -Mary Shelly

What would be better to watch at late midnight if it wasn’t a horror story? A whole new premise that brings you amidst folklore, that’s for sure to haunt us. When I started to watch this series, I had this little butterfly tingling in my stomach that told me this one would be creepy as hell. It turns out that I was more than right. The show itself seems more than promising, in showing you the grotesque side of horror that may overwhelm or at least spur you with fear.

The story is read more