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Oct 28, 2014
First love.. there's this feeling of awkwardness from both the MCs.
If you were going to meet your first love after a long time what would you do?
It starts with this awkward moment, but then everything turns out well..

Story: 8
it goes with a slow pace, and make the reader feel a bit anxious to how this relationship will end up.

Art: 9
It's the typical shoujo you expect. (you shouldn't worry about the art)

Character: 8
There were few hints about how they were before and now.. but were put in evidence the most important characteristics of the MCs

Enjoyment: 8
When reading this I felt anxious and worried about the read more
Oct 26, 2014
This reassume the first part of the serie. In one episode they put most of the MCs deep feelings and thoughts about go and themselves. Also their growth from playing just for fun to a serious person who really wants to play with their own forces.

Sep 19, 2014
The story is pretty ok and it has a cause and a consequence.

The art was good enough, but was expecting something more. I liked the background song at some scenes because it fits well with the anime. The characters get along well and have harmony, and a nice aura surround both the MC's with a strong will of becoming someone better.
Sep 19, 2014
I really loved this, and hoped for a serie. Although it's short, everything was done well it was a prologue to a love story.
The plot is really cute, funny and refreshing and gives a nice feeling ..of ,somehow, innocent first love. I loved all the characters 'cause everyone had a different personality, but got along well. The art is one of those typical shojo and liked it. I think this is worth the watch, at least for those who don't mind watching something without a real end (that's for me ..i don't really think it should have ended like that, though) and a 14 read more