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Koukaku Kidoutai: Stand Alone Complex
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One Punch Man 2nd Season
One Punch Man 2nd Season
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Battle Royale
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One Piece
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JVskunkape May 13, 4:22 PM
Ah Old Man Logan, I have picked up a few issues I think actually, just haven't got around to reading them yet. I feel like we'll be seeing an Old Man Rogers after End Game haha in that MCU/ultimate-ish style.

Yeah What If's are great I think it would be awesome for a cartoon hopefully they let it be a bit mature though and not make it too kid friendly. What if Spiderman kept his cosmic powers & what if Xavier became Juggernaut were cool! Tbh that's countless great what if's!
JVskunkape May 13, 2:18 PM
It could just be different artists drawing the same character in different styles?

Original Sin sounds cool, will defo catch up on Unworthy Thor one day so hopefully I'll get a chance to read it!

Did you hear about the Disney + exclusive "What If?" animated series? I think that could be really cool because What If comics are usually quite fun.
JVskunkape May 13, 1:13 PM
Ah okay, not sure who you mean then soz :s

When I read it, it hadn't properly explained what he had done to become unworthy in the first place and that was big topic of discussion, so I guess I'm not up to date with that either if people already know and he's now worthy again! But what I read of it I really enjoyed.

Blackest Night was a really good crossover for me as I was already really into Green Lantern comics at the time, but sorry haven't read any infinite crisis.
JVskunkape May 13, 8:40 AM
Is it this guy?

If so then yeah it's Twitch.

I also love Kraven's Last Hunt & Back in Black. I loved the original Clone saga, is that what you mean by Scarlet Spider? Or is there a more recent series actually titled Scarlet Spider? I haven't heard of The Other or Master Plan how are they? Venom is my favourite all time villain so ofc I really loved the Birth of Venom and any symbiote related storylines.

With Hulk, like I said he was never a favourite of mine, it was thanks to a friend also into comics recommending them to me. But Planet Hulk particularly really impressed me was a big fan of Miek haha so happy to see him in Thor : Ragnarok & End game lol. I wanted to read Son of Hulk Skaar which I think is a continuation of kinds to that storyline, but I found it quite hard to get a hold of none of my local comic stores had it in stock (guess they dropped off in popularity after Planet/World War arcs).

Completely agree about Thor! I recently read unworthy Thor and really enjoyed it!

I also like cosmic settings in comics, Green Lantern and Superman are my favourite DC characters. I haven't read much of Crisis of Infinite Earths but I have read most of Blackest Night. Obviously any story with Thanos is cool :)) But I must admit, I've been interested to for a while, but never delved into Secret Wars.
JVskunkape May 12, 11:07 AM
Yeah he is one of my favourite comic book characters! Spiderman is my favourite though, and I also really like Deadpool. Hulk isn't a favourite character of mine but he has some really interesting storylines with Planet Hulk, World War Hulk etc. And I've really enjoyed Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy & Thor comics too.

I would definitely recommend to at least watch Punisher, the others I'm not a huge fan of, Luke Cage and Daredevil are both okay but imo Punisher is the best one (was really sad to see that cancelled, the others I wasn't so bothered).

Is that the one on gamecube? If so I think I have the ROM already so I can emulate it and see how it is. I'm sure you would know McFarlane he was a Marvel heavy hitter like Liefeld who kind of kickstarted the idea of Image Comics and got all the top talent to leave Marvel at the same time and form Image.

Yeah The Violator is cool! I love that Infinity Gauntlet cover parody with him!

I think you might be thinking of Twitch, from the duo Sam & Twitch, not sure tho!
JVskunkape May 11, 8:31 AM
I hadn't heard of Invincible but it looks pretty good! Yeah I think stopped watching the show after the third season maybe, and I heard it drops in quality but I remember really liking it when I used to watch it. I'm a big fan of the guy who plays Shane in TWD who also played The Punisher in the Marvel Netflix show, I think he was perfect for Punisher.

Spawn is great, I have't played the game but I might try and emulate to see what it's like :)) I really liked McFarlane's Spiderman, and all the stuff with Image comics had happened before I was born, but I found myself really drawn to Spawn as well without even knowing it was the same guy behind both! So maybe it's also his Art style & character design that drew me to the comics but he does have an interesting back story and most of the Spawn comics I've read are well written.

Glad to hear you like the artwork since thats a major draw to the series for me, what do you think of his character design?
JVskunkape May 10, 6:26 PM
Walking dead is such a huge success story of comics in general, it's like the new TMNT haha. How are the comics? Tbh I've never gotten around to them but I did enjoy the first few seasons of the show.

The main Image title I'm into is Spawn, I love Spawn, would love to also get into Youngblood one day too. I do still love Image Comics as a company and the whole idea behind their foundation.
JVskunkape May 10, 3:11 PM
Ah that's a shame what stopped you reading Marvel? I'm not like up to date with everything (anything really lol) I just get into odd series here and there. I really enjoyed Venomverse recently. That's how non-current I am haha. But I really want to get into a recent marvel title Major X, which is actually a newly created character by Rob Liefeld (Deadpool/Cable/Domino creator) I think it's up to it's third or fourth issue already, gonna head to my "local" (far) comic store soon to try and pick it up.
JVskunkape May 10, 2:58 PM
R.I.P. good boy, I'm sure he will be back, no one stays dead for too long :P
JVskunkape May 10, 2:44 PM
JVskunkape May 10, 11:40 AM
Nice name bro! #Dadpool
NamakoTeam May 4, 8:51 AM
Buen avatar. Me gustan mucho las dos primeras de Alien, pero me quedo con la acción de la peli de Cameron si me dan a elegir. No he visto las precuelas recientes, pero en un bus en el que viajaba pasaron Covenant y se veía horrorosa.
SalanderStieg May 2, 7:29 PM
yo también adoro a Bruno <3
SalanderStieg May 2, 8:01 AM
jajajaja siiii... menos mal Dio no era el villano principal lol

Pero concuerdo 100% contigo, me encanta la evolución que tiene Johnny, en parte se debe a las enseñanzas de gyro, pero si creo que es el joestar que más evoluciona en toda la saga
SalanderStieg May 1, 4:16 PM
Igual :v La parte 7 me encanta, es algo diferente de las otras partes y aparte me encanta el villano principal