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May 3, 2016
Apparently this anime is associated with the anime movie called "The Boy and the Beast".

Optional: You may try out the movie first to get a better understanding of the characters' relations -it's not necessary though-

This is a pointless 15 seconded two episodes that you may add it to your list in order to increase you completed anime number, or to waste your time on this boring short commercial video about nothing but a drinkable product that you may unlikely to purchase/ to be able to purchase because it's likely to be unavailable in your country.

Animation: Do you like bright colored people dancing and drinking?

Sound: Jusr read more
Apr 27, 2016
"Man does not attain all his heart’s desires for the winds do not blow as the vessels wish"
— Al-Mutanabbi

This story talks about two boys who were born in different conditions. Chapra, is an ambitious slave. While Siddhartha is an aristocrat.

The movies starts with introducing the main characters; giving the viewer an idea of ​​the characters relations to each other, and also tells us about the current setting; which is a cruel world with a never-ending war between two nations; Shudra and Kosala. Also the movie acquaint us with the four-social class system people live with; where the worst of the four were the laborers and read more
Apr 1, 2016
Drama is a critical genre, it's like a fire; you can make great stuff out of it, but misusing it might create a mess.
Charlotte is one of these anime that misuse Drama for several reasons:

1) Exaggerated reactions: When this happens, it looks very obvious what the show is trying to do; trying hard to be emotional, dramatic, and maybe tragic. But this is wrong, because it's unrealistic; and that's what's the Drama needs, the reality.

2) Poor written characters: It's a Drama, it's about feelings. But the question is; How can one have feelings toward poor written characters they don't even care about? It would be read more
Mar 5, 2016
Sinbad's Adventures...In the current era, we have other anime titles of Sinbad; in 1975 we have Arabian Nights: Sindbad no Bouken (TV), and in 2014 we have Magi: Sinbad no Bouken, in 2015 there's Sindbad: The Flying Princess and the Secret Island.

It's really sad to review such a heritage anime especially at these times; anime in the past overall wasn't as complex as today's anime; at least for me.

It's too bland, it lacks complexity, it lacks explanations, it's so random and stupid; alot of characters decisions were irrational, those unreasonable unexplaned decisions were just there for the plot advance that only kids will buy it. read more
Mar 4, 2016
Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn is a Chinese-American animated film and first part of a trilogy of movies based on the game Dragon Nest. A retelling of the events that took place during the Black Dragon Raid arc.

As a former player of Dragon Nest who had experience with its Story & Characters , I would say that this movie is just another failed game adaptation. I thought the movie would be awesome as the its great trailer but no; it's very disappointing, it's as the same level with the new garbage Disney movies.

Story: Apparently, the story takes place before what's happening during the game. After read more
Mar 2, 2016
Letchu, Getchu, Saru Getchu TV series is an adaptation from a PlayStation game called Ape Escape, it is a series of computer generated anime shorts.
This is just a pointless episode that serve as prequel to the TV series I mentioned above. This episode introduces us the three main character who will appear in the next episodes:

- Kakeru (aka Spike): The protagonist. The boy with spiked red hair.
- Natsumi: The female protagonist.
- Specter: The villain; he's an albino monkey with white spiked hair.

This episode is pointless and has nothing to do with the TV series, it's just short characters introductions; so only watch it if you read more
Mar 2, 2016
Adapted from a PlayStation game called Ape Escape, it is a series of computer generated anime shorts.

Story - 1/10
No story here, just short episodes of comedic random events.

Art - 3/10
For me, The art was nostalgic since it reminded me of old 3D anime-like Playstation games; it's from a ps1 game afterall, I liked how some characters make funny faces. The animation is somehow slow.

Sound - 3/10
Fair voice acting, but very lacking opening and BGMs.

Characters - 1/10
The anime features three main characters:
- Kakeru (aka Spike): is the protagonist, he is a cheerful boy; but seems to have a bad luck as he frequently gets into terrible read more
Feb 10, 2016
Boobies, two horny soldiers fucking each other even though they don't know each other (so do we). This the start of this movie: blood everywhere, then boobies, then sex, then ass...It tries so hard to keep the viewers watching; until the end, one can realise how weak the story is. It's like a bad written version of Dead Space.
This a prime example of a mindless action anime, you don't even have to pay attention; because the focus of this movie is the "Action" and the "Shocks". If you're familiar with how american horror movies, you'll notice how this movie is filled with old-ass cliches; death read more
Feb 5, 2016
Wow that was horrible! I mean what's is this fucking cheesy bullshit? It's like watching old crappy american zombie movie. This short movie is 15 minutes filled with disgusting red rotten meat with worms all over the place and some weird camera angles zooming on some disturbing "Things".
The movie rely on "shock factor" to attempt to scare the viewers, but rather than being scary, it's just disgusting.
I used to play/watch Biohazard (aka Resident Evil) since I were a kid; hence people who are familiar with this franchise like me will notice its predictability and the overused cliches.
Keep away from this unless you want to see read more
Feb 2, 2016
What a disgrace! I suggest you to skip this piece of garbage. If you're looking for a real sequel of .hack//Sign, go watch .hack//Roots.
A question comes to .hack// series watchers:
"What is the Key of the Twilight?"
There's a gap between .hack//Sign and .hack//Legend Of The Twilight; we see a character named Kite in .hack//Unison aka .hack//SIGN Episode 28, he along with BlackRose, Orca and Balmung. These characters had their own story in the gap I was talking about, but they didn't have their own anime adaptation.

The protagonist here looks similar to Kite, but he's actually just a chibi version of Kite's avatar, he also given the read more