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Jan 16, 2024
Raiyantsuuri no Uta is a period drama based on real events, recounting the life of an escaped forced labour prisoner of war, Inlen, a Chinese farmer who was forcefully taken to a coal mine in Hokkaido by the Japanese military during the Pacific War. Escaping just two weeks before Japan's defeat, after undergoing unimaginable forced labour, he embarks on a challenging life as a fugitive, yearning to return to China, oblivious to the war's conclusion.

The movie establishes itself with a hooking introduction, showing the escape from the labour prison and seamlessly transitioning into Inlen's life being on the run and struggling for survival in the ...
Nov 29, 2023
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
Set in a futuristic cyberpunk setting, where humanity struggle against giant man eating insects using their advanced manned mecha. Kanata, the novice pilot, in a cave, stumbles upon a silver-haired red-eyed sleeping Ayanami Rei-clone, who then wakes up with the classic 'I-can't-remember-anything'.

The premise appears intriguing on paper and filled with potential for mystery, intense action against scary giant insects, and -even if overdone- the exploration of themes like human-AI relationships or ethical dilemmas in science. However, upon watching, it becomes apparent the official site's synopsis is merely a facade.

Starting with the positives, Synduality Noir diverges from the conventional dark and gritty tone commonly linked with ...
Sep 9, 2023
Manga Sarutobi Sasuke (1979), also known as 'Ninja, The Wonder Boy' in America, is the third iteration of the Sarutobi Sasuke character in anime, following 'Magic Boy' (1959) and 'Sasuke' (1968). While 'Magic Boy' adopts a whimsical fairy tale style and 'Sasuke' delves into a serious grim political feud, this anime attempts to blend both by being political yet goofy.

Despite its initial promise of political intrigue, the anime merely uses internal politics as a backdrop for conflicts. The plot centres around the samurai and warlord Sanada Yukimura in the Sengoku period, who fights in the name of peace. Sasuke, who shares those ideals, pledges allegiance ...
Aug 27, 2023
In the animation history landscape, Tteodori Kkachi holds a special place as the first South Korean anime to grace television screens. This pioneering creation emerged as a special movie-length episode, a testament to the evolving landscape of South Korean animation. Adapted from a sports manhwa created by Lee Hyun-se in 1984, Tteodori Kkachi introduces us to the world of Seol Kkachi, a young boy who, for years, has been embarking on a wandering journey alongside Seol Dae-po, his father. Now, a pivotal juncture has arrived—a moment to ponder settling down.

The series unfurls on Kkachi's first day at a new school, his initial cheekiness leaving an ...
Aug 20, 2023
Rainbow Sentai Robin is based on a shounen manga titled 'Rainbow Sentai', published in 1965. The manga was meant to complement the anime but, after a single volume release, it was quickly cancelled due to lack of popularity. Labelling the anime a direct adaptation of the brief one-shot manga is a stretch, considering its extensive 48-episode run. Consequently, the anime integrates significant original content, differentiating it from the source material.

The series kicks off with the trappings of a generic tokusatsu anime, an unsurprising—and uninspiring—choice given the genre's prominence across various forms of Japanese media during the 1960s and 1970s. However, Rainbow Sentai Robin distinguishes itself ...
Jul 25, 2023
'Recently, My Sister Is Unusual' light novel introduces Mitsuki's emotional trauma resulting from her parents' divorce. This premise explores Mitsuki's struggles with feelings of abandonment and her attempts to cope with her new family dynamics. However, while the novel briefly touches on these complexities, it falls short of consistently exploring this potentially profound theme throughout the narrative, which is expected from your average horny harem school romcom.

The novel faces challenges in maintaining its course and direction. Chapter 4 introduces a forced romantic tension between Mitsuki and Yuuya, central characters meant to drive the plot. Unfortunately, the lack of genuine emotional development between them renders their ...
Jul 16, 2023
Queen's Blade: Unlimited, as a soft reboot of the original Queen's Blade, introduces a new continuation while retaining the characters and the setting. This reboot takes a darker approach compared to its predecessors. Notably, the tournament now allows participants to kill their opponents, a departure from the previous iterations where such actions were discouraged. Additionally, the winner of any match has the power to demand anything from the defeated, intensifying the stakes and adding a layer of tension to the battles, on paper, that is.

Despite my personal distaste for the franchise, I must acknowledge that Queen's Blade manages to maintain a consistent level of quality ...
Jul 14, 2023
Saint Elmo is an anime set in a futuristic world where Earth's energy source, the space power plant Saint Elmo, faces a critical malfunction. As the protagonist's girlfriend lies in a coma, the power outage puts her life at risk. With international outrage mounting, the protagonist, Yuuki, embarks on a high-stakes journey into space to fix the power plant and save his girlfriend, leading to a race against time filled with danger and suspense. However, despite its promising premise, Saint Elmo falls short in delivering an engaging and memorable space adventure.

In the future, where, for environmental reasons, Earth's power source is located in space, orbiting ...
Jul 1, 2023
Kyoukai Senki (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
The mecha genre has undergone significant evolution, raising questions about its current relevance. While some detractors dismiss AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline as a cheap Gundam knockoff, a closer examination of modern mecha titles, including Gundam itself, reveals how the genre has transformed to cater to the preferences of a new generation. Traditional tropes and elements have been reimagined and reshaped, aligning with the changing tastes and demands of contemporary anime audiences. This observation is not solely based on personal claims; even Takuya Okamoto, the producer of Witch from Mercury at studio Sunrise, acknowledges that classic Gundam titles no longer resonate with modern viewers. ...
Jun 21, 2023
Promise Cinderella presents an engaging yet problematic premise with its age gap romance at the forefront. The manga's strength lies in its ability to create well-rounded and relatable mature characters. Hayame Katsuragi, the 27-year-old protagonist, emerges as a resilient and courageous individual despite facing immense hardships. Her transformation from a housewife to a homeless divorcee adds depth to her character. Similarly, Issei, the 17-year-old male lead, starts as a spoiled rich boy but matures through his interactions with Hayame.

One of the central themes explored in Promise Cinderella revolves around individuals who have experienced failure in life and grapple with self-esteem issues, often leading to self-destructive ...

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