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Aug 8, 2010
As we all know, life is not a fairytale. It’s cold, mean and will beat you to your knees and keep beating you if you let it. Boys Be… only scratches the surface of reality.


Here we have a decent story about a group of friends finding their places in life. Some might fall in love with a star crossed partner, while others perish in utter defeat and depression. As in many love animes, most of their characters are portrayed as those who are deeply in love with their lovers and won’t mind spending their lives together for eternity. In Boys Be… hearts are broken, mended, read more
Apr 3, 2010
Heroman (Anime) add (All reviews)
Ever thought of watching anime + marvel at the same time?

Collaboration with Stan Lee and Studio Bones.

Well here we have it. Heroman

One of the most anticipated anime series of 2010 and will probably be one of the best anime series of this year.

Just from watching the first episode, you get a slice of everything from action, drama and thrill. This anime series is packed with back to back action, which will surely make you hungry for more.

Story - 9/10

This story goes away from your typical action animes. Since this is a collaboration with Stan lee, the story will just go so far in 2010. read more
Mar 9, 2010
●Rec (Manga) add (All reviews)
I'm surprised that no one has ever reviewed this manga yet.
I don't want to be the bad guy here, but this is one of the WORST MANGA OF ALL TIME.
Let me break this down for you guys.

To start off, the story talks about a lonely and gullible salary man, who took a random girl in, because she lost her home due to a fire. From there, they start to get closer and closer together, while going through many hardships of everyday life. With a simple slice of life, this manga contains light hearted sex and rape.

Plot - 5/10

At a glance, this manga might seem a read more
Mar 8, 2010
Here we have another story, where a a rich-ass guy falls in love with a poor young girl. A girl whose pretty hot headed and beats the living crap out of the guy for no apparent reason.

Plot - 6/10

I have to say, I am a harsh critic. This story is so fully of cliques and ecchi parts, it just drags out the story. Once upon a time, a girl, whose president of the school meets up with a true player, a guy who is super rich. From there, romance in the air and the girl just can't seem to spit out her feelings for him.

Character read more
Mar 8, 2010
So here we have it. We've been waiting for them all this time and now their out. Halo Legends. Jam packed with unique storyline and animation, each episode can be called an OVA. They don't necessarily connect with one of another, but they still have a good storyline.

Plot - 8/10

Let me emphasize this again. *Please be open minded about these OVAs everyone. Some takes place during ODST to even before Halo War. Again each OVA has their unique style in both animation and storyline.

Character - 8/10

Since these OVA are about 10 - 15mins each, don't expect much in character development.

Art - 8/10

Each read more
Mar 3, 2010
Alright. So here is another one of your ecchi manga series, where the guys just get destroyed by these beautiful women.

Story - 6/10

This is one for your generic manga, where its a boy meets girl scenario. One day, a boy wakes up and finds out he is getting married. Typical story right? Basically, the story itself just drags on on repetitive "kill the boy" ecchiness.

Character - 6/10

Stupid boy, who is really dense and takes all the shit from other girls. A girl who is arrogant and self - centered. There isn't much character development throughout the story so far.

Art - 7/10

The art itself read more
Mar 2, 2010
Alright. This is my first review, so bare with me.

This is another one of your typical love stories, with a girl teacher and boy student.

Story - Story wise, there isn't much going on. Even though its an ongoing series, there only has been one conflict so far. In other words, its a light hearted manga.

Art - I think its fair. It's not too good and not good bad. Its just ok.

Character - There hasn't been much character development throughout the manga. Just another one of your boy meet girl series.

Overall - 7/10 Tops.