Aug 8, 2010
Darkness007 (All reviews)
As we all know, life is not a fairytale. It’s cold, mean and will beat you to your knees and keep beating you if you let it. Boys Be… only scratches the surface of reality.


Here we have a decent story about a group of friends finding their places in life. Some might fall in love with a star crossed partner, while others perish in utter defeat and depression. As in many love animes, most of their characters are portrayed as those who are deeply in love with their lovers and won’t mind spending their lives together for eternity. In Boys Be… hearts are broken, mended, twisted, doubted and even scared. In essence, this anime does not emphasis on a fairytale, where people marry each other and have many babies. This anime not only emphasizes on the harsh realities of love, but also even on one’s choices.


Though they aren’t the best characters out there, they are surely the ones we will mostly find relevant and comparable. Their actions are heading the right direction of everyday decisions that we make or will make. To be more specific, when we doubt those we love, we tend to medicate ourselves and bend the rules in game of love. The main protagonist will come off as a guy who is always dragged around, just like he would in most love anime series. Only this time, his revelations, thoughts, actions, and even conclusions are realistic. Not only him, but we also have a common perverted male (who always tries to get a glimpse at girl’s panties) and a hot-ignorant male. As for the womens, they’re spread out from a childhood friend to a unrequited lover. Each archetype is unique in his or her way and goes through problems we all have faced in the past.


The sound would be a 6. Not the best out there, but certainly better than a cassette tape.


To be honest, the art is horrible. Though made in the 90’s I guess I’ll give it a 7 since some women character in this series actually looks like a women.


Every review I give, I try to give a complete and honest opinion about it. This series is absolutely underrated and I truly advise you to watch it. In most anime relationships, characters are portrayed as star crossed lovers and monogamous swans. In this series, they are finally and realistically portrayed as sharks. We are not animals made to support each other but ourselves. Like in relationships, if a bigger fish arrives, we’ll pounce on them like there is no tomorrow. Our greed and temptations is what defines our true selves, hidden behind a mask of lies and bitter sweet indecisiveness. I will have to acknowledge only one character in the series that is truly well played. The male protagonist reveals a side we all have inside of us. How we deal with our problems is up to our little hearts content, but this character’s decision is perfectly realistic. Love is like a bus, every 30 mins a new one arrives. If its broken down, then we’ll politely get off and walk ourselves.