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Shishio-kun Today, 12:06 AM
ok I may have finally decided to level a priest: Angelwing (human)! :D

I hope there's a lot of opportunities for running dungeons and stuff for gold later. She's going to build gold for my PVP twinks on a new realm >:)

Just something I'm starting to like more and more about the class, and I love my priest character too so it's helpful and motivating. I notice when you like the character it is a big part of wanting to play o_O

btw what add-ons are u using? I have some really good ones I can tell you about. Do you have Killing Blow Announcer?

Shishio-kun Yesterday, 9:46 PM

what the fudge are these ppl fudgin doin
Shishio-kun May 20, 12:54 PM
GLORIOUS DAY!! FOTINI PLAYS PVP NOW!!!!! You must tell me all about it >:D

Had any super-one sided PVP bgs like these? XD

Well the last few weeks have been really rough for me with allergies, exams, and lots of problems with my school and trying to get my education covered. They asked me if I wanted to work two IT jobs at a community college (one for summer and fall) as an assistant but then they turned me down at the last minute because I was getting a bachelors at a university instead of an associates (stupid rules lol). I was devastated because I didn't even have to go through the interviews as I was the top networking student and came highly recommended by two professors.

Trying to get your school to pay for the last year of college is really difficult too, a lot of Americans are in massive amounts of student loan debt and I will probably be too :/ but good thing my field pays well >:D

Plus my HDD broke, but I just replaced it a couple days ago and got my PC completely updated. A lot of stress lately .-. but taking it easy now and working on new videos and projects
Shishio-kun May 7, 6:42 PM

Me: "Hey beautiful want to share that pizza- no no no no wait wait Carl don't forget what Fotini said, it's a trap! There's no shame in being confused!"

Me: "Whoa! This is the most beautiful sight ev- WAIT stop! Carl, remember what Fotini said again."
Shishio-kun Apr 25, 4:31 PM
I think I remember her, the blonde from the OH! video D:'

I'm 6'0! Which is a perfect height since we dont bump into everything and can look down on all the gnomes like you :D

Hooked on this song D:

and this one :D
Shishio-kun Apr 15, 2:40 PM
I just came across these (I think?) K-pop memes. I don't get all the jokes, but maybe you will like em. :D

Well the tall ppl one's pretty funny xD
Shishio-kun Apr 12, 11:58 PM
Shishio-kun Apr 11, 3:47 PM
Was rewatching Claymore earlier; the attack on the north episodes are so good! I love the wintery environment. It reminds me of home and also the enemies were so strong and we get to see Claire and Flora goin ham. Just a lot of really good scenes. Also Claymore had really pretty summer environments too, I wish it was redone like Berserk so we could see it in HD :D
Shishio-kun Apr 2, 11:31 AM
Cool >:D

I still remember when I first saw Claymore I was hooked and eating macaroni x)

Lately I'm hooked on this synthwave music D:
Shishio-kun Mar 25, 3:58 PM
The names are great! There were a lot of references to mythology and literature in Claymore names as well. When Ophelia looks in the water at one point, this is a reference to Ophelia in Hamlet by Shakespeare and some famous painting. And for Flora the wiki says
Claymore's Flora is an exceptionally (physically) beautiful character. Her Windcutter technique is believed to named after the Greek myth of the West Wind.


There's a part in the anime where Flora thinks "Of my group, number 49 and number something will probably be useless" I think of that when I have seemingly useless group members at school xD I try to believe in them tho cuz I never know ":D

Also this scene coincidently looks just so much like the famous atomic bomb tests here in the US

I also loved the male awakened beings xD they were all so cool and interesting even tho they got very little time.
Shishio-kun Mar 19, 4:57 PM
I think Prisc was so strong cuz of the reasons you mentioned + power level and emotional level she was at when she changed. She was totally insane, so it made her OP :D Maybe the more crazy you are the more powerful your final form is cuz you lost total control? >:)

I LOVED Flora too! And Riful, her bf, and the burnt faced guy was my fave (Dae?). My favorite female was the girl who gave Claire her fast sword, um, Irene! D: she was so cool and elfy.

This one was cool too >x)

My favorite thing is the science of the transformations and stuff. Also the concepts of abyssals. it all is very sci-fi ish in a way and really satisfies my hunger for it and makes me want more :D Attack on Titan is similar in a way, but not as good.

And the best parts are when they TRANSFORM!! So epic!!! >:D
Shishio-kun Mar 17, 2:23 PM
I took some screenshots of big green numbers with my shaman, I need to find them >:D

Do you like Idolmaster? I think this is some IM DLC for Tekken but I don't get it ":D
Some of the add-ons are really cute tho
Shishio-kun Mar 16, 10:29 AM
lol I have so many memories with so many bgs! I like Arathi, Warsong, and the BIG bgs the most :D

Also I love being a flag carrier assassin, it's real fun. Usually you catch them alone and burst them down. And sometimes on Arathi, priests would Mind Control ppl OFF the Lumber Mill cliff to their death >:D

So one time on the Silvershard Mines, I was on holding my own against TWO ppl at once >:D I was on Sugarbomb (war) I think. I called for help and the score was tied. I tried by best, but still fell. We were gonna lose cuz these two guys would take the cart from me. They were even low on health before I died. But as I laid dying, accepting the loss and going to peace, I saw two of my teammates come charging in from far away!!! They were charging in on the mammoth mount >:D I screamed out "MY NIGGAS ARE HERE!!!!!" They finished off the two enemies and took the cart, winning the game!

Another time on Warsong I made this druid "GetBizzy" (with the B-like character from German I think). It's a reference to a Simpsons scene where someone says "Let's get biz-zaaaay (busy)!!!" As I was charging in to cap the last flag, I set it to auto-run and screamed out in chat with /y

someone even whispered to me "DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME"

I also have good memories of MASS healing on the big BGs with my shaman (nothing but green numbers everywhere!) and holding the enemy team off with distracting rogue tactics xD

Oh and not to mention the time my rogue and I HID for a while scoring tons of points >:D

Look at my Mana Wyrm peaking around the corner in the first pic!! >:)

btw did you ever see the SoO trailer?! SO HYPE!!
Shishio-kun Mar 13, 11:39 PM
Oh, school is just a ton of work! Luckily I'm going into a good field so its worth it.

Some douchebag brought his guitar to class and started playing this song I hate "run through the halls of high school" by John Mayer (dunno the real song name) one of the worst songs EVER lol and I wrote this and showed it to the girl next to me xD
we all had to sit and listen to it out of politeness!

Oh and I didn't tell you my favorite raids from your last reply! Besides SoO, I didnt really care as much for any other raids lol. I only did the ones for gold when I could. I did like the old spooky castle one tho, great music! And when there were dragons in Cata raids that was always awesome.

btw ppl say Overwatch is toxic and complain about it a LOT but honestly WoW in the US was faaaaaaaaaar more toxic O_o how was it in Greece? You could make one small mistakes in WoW here and ppl would go nuts on you it was really sad!