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Shishio-kun Sep 2, 2:02 PM

wtf! ppl actually demanding the belf racial be nerfed. What a time to be alive!
Shishio-kun Jul 26, 2:53 AM
OH third post: I forgot to mention my favorite characters were Aizen (for a long time one of my faves overall), Nel's fracion, Sui Feng, Orihime, the Espada that Nel fought, and "The Fear" As Nodt, and the Zombie:


she's so cute. I think she said at one point she was a man tho? Maybe a bad translation. There were other characters I liked, will have to recall them later D:

Oh and I also liked the ice zanpakutos as well those were some of the coolest. Hmm maybe my snail zanpaktuo could cover everything in slime that does something... or when he reaches you YOU DIE >:)

Reminds me there was a great story once where someone had a wish granted but there was also a snail that was constantly moving towards them and if the snail touched them, they would die >:D
Shishio-kun Jul 25, 4:54 PM
ZANPAKUTO REVEALED (will make sense after my post xD)

Shishio-kun Jul 25, 4:45 PM
Well first big thing about Bleach was that I have been reading since 2007 and waited like 8 years to see Aizen's Bankai! He had one of the coolest Zanpakutos and twists I've ever seen in a manga or anime (was animated REALLY well too). Of course, they NEVER showed it and I literally was expecting to see it in the last chapter lol. Some ppl were theorizing the Bankai was applied long ago and would suddenly be revealed in the finale. Like, THIS WAS ALL A DREAM lol. But anyways, that was a huge letdown. I'm willing to go deep into Bleach extras just to know what the hell it does! It was debated and theorized for almost a decade.

But the way they showed Aizen's Hynosis in the last chapter was pretty cool. It was kinda of the last Bleach WTF moment and a throwback to the best part of the series (end of the Rukia Rescue arc) where many old-school fans got into it. The arc was a HUGE deal in the old days. It was one of the first YOU MUST SEE THIS SHOW AND NOT SPOIL IT things in anime I remember. After that more and more manga and anime started using twists and focusing more on story telling, I think. Not that Bleach was the first but it had a big impact on the community.

Also the fights in Beach were the main draw. I love those big power up moments and twists:

* like the wrestler guy and cheering guy James (the little fat guy)
* the blind Captain who turned into a monster (OMG!) and he was like I CAN SEE that was amazing and emotional...
* the fear guy Rukia had to fight and she did the whole freeze thing to go beyond death (complicated)
* my favorite duo with the big worm and the scientist Espada, and then the whole thing the scientist Captain did to him that was MESSED UP!! :O
* the Miracle and his getting bigger thing, wtf that was so cool
* The Soul King's Arm reveal, WTF! His power was really cool and he was so mysterious and he was a FUCKING HAND!!! D:
* pretty much any power reveal!!!!

* !!!!!!!!!!! Ulquoria's "DONT TELL ANYONE I HAVE A SECOND FORM" thing to Ichigo.... WTF!!!!!! that was so siiiiiiiick!!! >:D

I just loved those little moments. It's pretty much the whole reason I enjoyed Bleach and the science behind the powers! It's why it's one of my favorite manga and has re-read value.

I noticed that in the early days of the manga it was real good at this, did some more in the Arrancar arc which was great (Espada) and finally brought back the magic in the Quincy arc. Fullbringer arc was very forgettable! And it did have some cool moments I'm sure, but I forgot them hehe.

However I did notice as time went on the powers and fights got less logical and scientific and more reality-bending. I guess it makes sense tho and it was cool in its own way.

I agree about all the loose ends they left, that was SO ANNOYING. Cuz we waited years for these things to be revealed. However, while it didn't deliver on many things like Soul King, it did deliver on long-awaited Bankais and other fan service (not the ecchi kind). That was really cool, kind of love letters to long time fans :D

Everything else about Bleach- characters, story, drawing, etc, is all good and ok. But the little epic moments are what it was all about. I'd give those a 10/10 and everything else a 7/10 ish. But those epic moments bring it to a 10 for me.

I honestly kinda don't remember Chad, Orihime, or Ichigo that well. But you liked them a lot! I thought they were ok. But I was more in love with the espada, arrancars, and various captains and Quincys.

Your post makes me realize they really needed to expand on a LOT of backstories and complete them!

I agree the Arrancar thing was one of the best and a fave too. It was SUCH a good expansion to the series at the time and made the story much cooler and gave us a lot of science-fiction type fun. Like, when you hear about the lore of the Espada world and stuff. And their world was so cool! The way they teased who was 1-10 was really fun when the manga was ongoing.

I liked the Quincy arc a lot, I was eating every fight every week. I had the opposite reaction ":D there needed to be MORE fight imo! But yes youre right a lot was basically unfulfilled. It kinda felt like something you'd see in a movie or on the news, where time is limited, rather than a complete story. So many powers didn't get fully used. In fact, I think they woulda won if the King Quincy just stayed hidden or something O_o his boys would eventually killed eveyrone xD

I love the simplicity of Aizen's zan btw, it's "water" and not a straight-forward attack. But it makes sense and when used intelligently it's probably the best O_O

I made up a Zanpakuto once :D it would be my pet snail (I don't really have one) but he is rainbow shelled and talks, sits on my shoulder a lot, is big for a snail (puppy size), and can control time >:) when he controls time, he spins around in the air xD

this was also a cool reveal:
I remember just looking back at it over and over again, so cool!
Shishio-kun Jul 19, 2:40 PM
OK Here's how you get the high quality pics!!
I hit Danbooru every day on PC:
WARNING: NSFW there too!

It's critical you have a Autopager extension in your browser. This will let you load more pages by just scrolling down. I always glance through all the thumbnails and look for high quality pics this way.

You can also search a specific tag like "sword" "fire", "whale" etc and find something cool this way.

btw I have an extension to download pics in one click and I use my middle mouse key to open pics in new tabs. This saves HUGE amounts of time downloading and looking at pics.

The Danbooru mods also clear out bad pics too over time. So when you search a quality tag like
you'll have nothing but good stuff usually!

ALSO when you find a good pic, click the Artist's tag on the left side. Like on this amazing pic
I click "cglange" on the left. Now I have access to ALL his/her works on Danbooru! And I get an explosion of more HD pics.

Another tip! Use Google Images, drag a quality pic into it from your PC into the search bar. Now you get related pics and more sizes. Sometimes you'll find the artist's page and see more, or a Pinterest with related pics.

Basically, one high quality pic leads to a million more with the right tools :D
Shishio-kun Jul 7, 2:02 PM
wow thanks D:

Do you know anymore songs like "HELLOOOOO.. BITCHES!" >:D ?

hahaha a great player once said in a losing bg:

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL so true tho. Unlike us, lot of these players don't even bother learning their rotation or using their abilities, and especially don't try maximizing their character's potential. They wouldn't SURVIVE TWO SECONDS IN A REAL RAID WITH THAT KINDA THINKING >:D

theyre the type of DPS to panic and flee when the tank/healer die, and the type who get out-dps'd by us healers xD
Shishio-kun Jul 2, 11:33 PM

you know of this NCT thing? This is pretty good I was surprised O_O

the dark haired guy is cool :D

also do u know if this a K-pop thing? O_o
this is one of my PVP themes >:D
Shishio-kun Jul 2, 1:11 PM
I was born June 8 :D

Those animations are so cute and pretty! Right now one of my priests is disc but I got her super goth edgy in black mageweave, with a pet crow, skull staff, and headless horsemen mount >:D

Do u like demon hunter? I never had any desire to play that class. Nothing really compels me to it, unlike DK and monk O_O
Shishio-kun Jun 28, 5:34 PM
400m heals and 2 kills! :D I'm proud of you

I recommend Tell Me When, it is an add on that tells you when your most important abilities are off cooldown, SUPER USEFUL for pvp

know what I REALLY want? I like shadow priest. But I want a DPS HOLY PRIEST. Like one who attacks with the light >:) I guess pali is that tho, meh

I hope priests still have the angel wings thing, I remember that from MOP days D:

hiring managers are so annoying about hiring ppl like us if we have even a second of non-working time. it's like what do they want from us? lol we're ready and willing to work. we have skills we worked hard to develop. Must we drag our freshly-shaved privates through 15 miles of broken glass and hot coals to prove we're serious? hahaha
Shishio-kun Jun 22, 12:06 AM
ok I may have finally decided to level a priest: Angelwing (human)! :D

I hope there's a lot of opportunities for running dungeons and stuff for gold later. She's going to build gold for my PVP twinks on a new realm >:)

Just something I'm starting to like more and more about the class, and I love my priest character too so it's helpful and motivating. I notice when you like the character it is a big part of wanting to play o_O

btw what add-ons are u using? I have some really good ones I can tell you about. Do you have Killing Blow Announcer?

Shishio-kun Jun 21, 9:46 PM

what the fudge are these ppl fudgin doin
Shishio-kun May 20, 12:54 PM
GLORIOUS DAY!! FOTINI PLAYS PVP NOW!!!!! You must tell me all about it >:D

Had any super-one sided PVP bgs like these? XD

Well the last few weeks have been really rough for me with allergies, exams, and lots of problems with my school and trying to get my education covered. They asked me if I wanted to work two IT jobs at a community college (one for summer and fall) as an assistant but then they turned me down at the last minute because I was getting a bachelors at a university instead of an associates (stupid rules lol). I was devastated because I didn't even have to go through the interviews as I was the top networking student and came highly recommended by two professors.

Trying to get your school to pay for the last year of college is really difficult too, a lot of Americans are in massive amounts of student loan debt and I will probably be too :/ but good thing my field pays well >:D

Plus my HDD broke, but I just replaced it a couple days ago and got my PC completely updated. A lot of stress lately .-. but taking it easy now and working on new videos and projects
Shishio-kun May 7, 6:42 PM

Me: "Hey beautiful want to share that pizza- no no no no wait wait Carl don't forget what Fotini said, it's a trap! There's no shame in being confused!"

Me: "Whoa! This is the most beautiful sight ev- WAIT stop! Carl, remember what Fotini said again."
Shishio-kun Apr 25, 4:31 PM
I think I remember her, the blonde from the OH! video D:'

I'm 6'0! Which is a perfect height since we dont bump into everything and can look down on all the gnomes like you :D

Hooked on this song D:

and this one :D