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Jan 10, 2016
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters is one of the best anime ive seen. Its called "Childish". This is a anime that is NOT childish. Sure the 4kids dub is,since 4kids always changes things from the original Japanese version. This Japanese version with subtitles its different from the 4kids dub. It has stronger words like bastard,damn,and dumb ass. Its much more dark then the 4kids dub. But the overall series is amazing.

Storyline9/10-NO SPOILERS. Yugi Moto is a 10th grade student. He comes across a puzzle,puts it together,and finds out that a 3,000 year old spirt is in it.(5,000 in the dub). Yugi and his friends Anzu(Tea in read more
Jan 1, 2016
Rosario Vampire Capu2 is the second season of the Rosario Vampire anime. I did like this anime like the first season. Its a enjoyable anime. Well,its kinda fucking messed up and all,but it isn't terrible. It is full of ecchi,humor,and action,but it is full of strange episodes like(minor spoiler). The witch girl turning into a adult, Mokas little sister touching all over her etc. It isn't any better then the first season, but its still pretty good.

Storyline7/10-NO SPOLERS. Tsukune is back in Yokai academy, home to monsters. Moka, the pink haired girl in love with Tsukune is back,along with Kurumu, Mizore,Ruby, the witch girl,and Moka's read more
Dec 23, 2015
InuYasha is a amazing and very well made manga. Its a classic. I find it to be very enjoyable to read,with lovable characters,great story line,and amazing art.(well,its not the best art,but its still likable in my opinion). The manga is a page turner. Its very easy to get hooked onto it.

Storyline10/10-MO SPOILERS. InuYasha is about a girl named Kagome who travels through a well who meets a dog demon named InuYasha. She travels with him to find jewel shard pieces after it breaks. They must find the shards before Narku, a evil demon tries to get his hands on it. The story is VERY read more
Dec 14, 2015
Bleach (Anime) add (All reviews)
Bleach is very poplaur. Its also overrated. I dont hate Bleach. I really liked it in the beginning. It started off so well. It had great characters and storyline. However, it has poor pacing, boring fillers, and gets old fast. I do like this anime, I dont mind watching it, but its not my favortive of all time.

Storyline5/10-NO SPOILERS-Ichigo is a 15 year old kid who can see hollows. Hollows are kinda like monster like things that soul reepers fight of. Ichigo meets a girl named Rukia, and he becomes a soul rerper, and fights off hollows. Ichigos friends from high school also can read more
Dec 7, 2015
Naruto (Anime) add (All reviews)
Naruto is one of the most famous anime series of all time.(along with One Piece). Its called the number one series ever and is also said to be called a masterpiece. This is not true. Naruto is far from a masterpiece. Is it bad? No. Is is amazing? Far from it. Its just good.

Storyline7/10-NO SPOILERS-Naruto is a young boy who wants to be the be the best ninja ever by training with his teacher, Kakashi, and his two friends, Sakura and Sasuke. They train toghter and try to become hokage. Naruto and his friends also learn to fight with chakra and fight bad guys. The read more
Nov 30, 2015
Sailor Moon was one of the biggest anime during the 90s. Along with Pokemon, Yu Yu hakusho, and Card Captors Sakura. Sailor Moon hasnt aged well in my opinion, and is JUST decent.

Storyline6/10-NO SPOILERS. Usagi is a teenage girl who is chosen to be the sailor warrior, Sailor Moon. She must find the other warriors with a cat named Luna. They fight demons, and try to find the Silver Crystal. Its simple. Nothing really special. It is enjoyable, and it is funny, but it gets old. Its just above being decent. Just fine. Nothing crazy and amazing. Just a 6.

Characters4/10-One of the weakest parts. The read more
Nov 28, 2015
Pokemon Advanced. Another enjoyable pokemon series. Its full of humor, lovable characters, and a AMAZING soundtrack. Advanced really doesnt fail with the enjoyable formula pokemon is so well known for.

Storyline9/10-NO SPOILERS. Ten year old Ash Ketchum is now on his quest to go to the Hoenen region. He is joined by May, Max, and Broack. Ash once again is going to collect gym badges and become a pokemon master. Pokemon once again has that really fun and enjoyable storyline. Its cute, adventrous and full of laughs. Its like the first series, just newer.

Characters8/10-The charaters are once again, enjoyable, Ash is once again, my favortive, read more
Nov 20, 2015
InuYasha the Final Act is a good ending to the amazing InuYasha series. Sadly, its only 26 episodes. Still, its great, and enjoyable. For anyone looking for a long, fun series, InuYasha is a must watch.(of course, start from the frist part of the anime).

Storyline9/10-NO SPOILERS. InuYasha the Final Act follows Dog Demon InuYasha, and his friends, Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, and Sango. They are all after Naraku, the evil Demon who has the Scared Jewel. The final battle starts as all of the characters fight to end, to stop Naraku. Well, its very good, like the first part of the anime. However, there are FILLERS. read more
Nov 14, 2015
Pokemon is one of my favorite video game series of all time. I also a huge fan of the movies,anime,etc. I love anything pokemon. Pokemon Best Wishes! is a very boring series. In my opinion, it ruined pokemon. Like a Ice Cream Cone pokemon? Thats stupid. I can't stand it. I wish pokemon will be like what it used to be.

Storyline3/10-Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old kid now going to the Unova region to catch em' all. I wouldn't hate the storyline to much if it wasn't so dumb. I don't hate the pokemon storyline. From Indigo Leauge, to Dimaond and Pearl, it was amazing. read more
Nov 10, 2015
Pokemon XY is the worst series in the whole Pokemon anime. Its nothing like the classic anime. Its very poorly made, and has VERY annoying characters. Im a huge fan of the pokemon series, but this is horrible compared to the other series in the anime.

Story line4/10-THERE ARE NO SPOILERS. Once again, Ash is ready for a new adventure in the Kalos region. He once again collects gym badges, working to become the best trainer. Its the say as any other pokemon series. Its somewhat enjoyable. I mean, its easy to fall in love with the story line, and its not the worst, but its read more