Nov 14, 2015
DarkRaven804 (All reviews)
Pokemon is one of my favorite video game series of all time. I also a huge fan of the movies,anime,etc. I love anything pokemon. Pokemon Best Wishes! is a very boring series. In my opinion, it ruined pokemon. Like a Ice Cream Cone pokemon? Thats stupid. I can't stand it. I wish pokemon will be like what it used to be.

Storyline3/10-Ash Ketchum, a 10 year old kid now going to the Unova region to catch em' all. I wouldn't hate the storyline to much if it wasn't so dumb. I don't hate the pokemon storyline. From Indigo Leauge, to Dimaond and Pearl, it was amazing. Black and White ruined it. Its so boring now. It got less interning because of the fillers. Like one fill about Ash helping some little kids with some thing. I really don't care because its boring. Pokemon used to have good fillers like Meowth's backstory. The fillers here suck. Also, the storyline gets less enjoyable. The only good thing is that pokemon still has its charm with the storyline. But the charm here is very little.

Characters3/10-This is the worst part. Iris is worst then Dawn. All she says is "Your such a little kid"! I can't stand that. Ash seems more childish now too. It seems like he just got less mature. Ash was always a idiot, but not like this. I mean, no trainer uses a water type pokemon against a grass type pokemon. It just doesn't work. Ash should know that by now if he's been a trainer for almost 20 years now. Cilian is the new character that replaced Brock. Even if he's strange, no character can replace Brock. Team Rocket isn't funny no more. WHY?! Team Rocket was so funny. There aren't many good characters, only Snivy(the grass starter pokemon).,and that otter pokemon that Ash caught are the characters are good.

Soundtrack5/10-Pokemon always had great music. The wild pokemon battle theme and the trainer theme are the best. Sadly, Best Wishes! fails with the soundtrack. Its okay, its not the worst, not the best. Its in between. The Black and White video game had this really sad music that was beautiful. However, the anime didn't have the music. Why does the soundtrack have to be worst then the other soundtracks from the anime? Its not even close to being horrible, but that doesn't mean its great. I never really thought of the OST because its unmemorable. (the opening theme songs are good,but the OST is still decent).

Art4/10-Best Wishes! has new art, but its not good. The new looks for the characters are just plain bad. Ash has a very bad look now. He used to have black hair and black eyes. Now he has blueish hair with big brown eyes. The new look just isn't that good. The characters looks just feels sloppy. The pokemon attacks has bright colors, and the opening theme songs has a lot of bright colors, but it just not as good as the other art.

Enjoyment4/10-There where times when I did enjoy this anime, in a way,but the overall anime is a let down. It is bad. Nothing will change that. Pokemon used to be great,now its bad. There isnt a lot of enjoyment,so it gets a 4.

Overall4/10-Pokemon Best Wishes! is still boring, and is one of the pokemon series so far. I barely enjoyed it. The pokemon looks, candles, ice cream, steel ants, what is this? DO NOT WATCH THIS ITS POORLY MADE.