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Feb 13, 2015
Return (Manga) add (All reviews)

I noticed that this series didn't have any reviews and thus decided to write one. I just read "Return" yesterday and really enjoyed it. I found the romance sweet, but there wasn't much depth to the story. It's a light read, and is good as such. What lowered the score for me is the ending. I really really didn't like the ending AT ALL and it pretty much knocked everything down a level. That ending was just horrible.

Hope this helps!
Feb 7, 2015
Kirai (Manga) add (All reviews)
I started reading this series many months ago. At the time only 39 chapters of the 41 were available. I revisited the series two days ago when a new chapter was released. I am now waiting in anticipation for the final chapter and the conclusion of the series.

I really enjoyed this manga. The main characters are cute together and I like how the plot progresses. It's a fairly quick read, and good enough that I simply had to reread the series after reading its newest chapter. I plan on rereading it again once the final chapter is out. It's that good! And that sweet read more
Sep 3, 2011
it wasnt sad enough honestly. Originally when i read the plot of this anime, i was expecting tears. When i started watching it, it amplified the thought. It was heartwarming and tear inducing. (not literally but im not an easy crier- so for anyone else it would make them teary eyed). Unfortunetly, the only thing that truely threatened tears, was the plot. The beginning helped formulate the storyline and exposed how depressing and traumatic the experience would be for those kids. As you go through the episodes, there are some sad moments, but after you go through half the series, it's not as touching. The read more