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Nov 10, 2016
Dropout (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Have you ever texted your mates while having sex with a girl attached to a urinal? No? Well, Dropout has you covered. In all the ridiculousness of the first 18-minute episode, there are the makings of a pretty awesome hentai. I look forward to the coming episodes. I even vocalised at the cliffhanger.

The story is nice and simple, but has enough meat to not feel shitty. I also like the fact that there are just 2 girls, 2 guys, and no fucking harem (as of yet).
Crusty has noticed that recent hentai is coming slowly away from harems. Crusty likes this. The hentai is set ...
Sep 22, 2016
I've felt somewhat uncomfortable ever since I wrote a somewhat slating review of the hentai Amanee, so I was reluctant to review this one. But I thought to myself "This is a hentai I'm sure nobody could whack it to. I'm in the clear, hate-wise", but then I saw a slurry of people (here meaning 2 peeps) genuinely rating it 7 and 8. And this show has a mean average of about 6, which is weird.

I am a girl, so the first time I watched it (a year ago) it was difficult to watch. I had clicked on it because at the time a ...
Apr 5, 2016
Preliminary (1/2 eps)
Ok, so, harem hentai, right? I usually hate it. But for this one I'll make an exception. The story is as generic as it gets, a protagonist has to choose between 4 of his sisters. I can't for the life of me remember their names, so I'll name them what they are; Deredere-nee, Maid-nee, Tsundere-nee and Oujou-nee. This episode features Maid-nee followed by Oujou-nee.

The art is, on the whole, great. Not as good as Amakano or Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare, but definitely above par for someone like me who is used to watching older stuff from Mary Jane and Milky animation. The girls are ...
Mar 9, 2016
Ok, ok. I am gonna try really hard not to be biased because the protag in the second episode is like the sexiest thing since sex. He managed to hit all of my niches, so I'm gonna try to be fair and partially ignore his awesomeness.

Like First Love and Whatsit (totally forgot the title, whoops), this is 3 separate stories in 3 episodes. The first episode is incest, blah blah, heartfelt, blah blah, sexy time, blah blah. It's suuuper generic, so I'll get to the good parts.

The second episode is a rapist SHOUTA. Yes. This may or may not be the niche I was ...
Mar 9, 2016
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (1/6 eps)
Ok, so hentai-eers will know of PoRO's reputation. They make high-budget hentai, with generally above-parr animation. Examples are Oni Chichi and Fukubiki Triangle. Another trait this studio tends to have is that the hentai they make is infamously pretty soulless. Hollow characters and a basically non-existent story are things that tend to come with the PoRO package. This show is a perfect example of a hentai i would describe as being soulless- not just because of the rape. Shows like Euphoria and Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare are examples of shows that centre around rape and yet have a lot of character to them, proving ...
Feb 16, 2016
Amakano (Anime) add
Preliminary (1/4 eps)
Yes, back to reviewing porn!
A friend recommended this to me with just the premise "you'll love it, Crusty". I was wondering what it was about this series that had made my friend so eager to tell me to watch it. And I saw the light, and saw that it was good.

It's great to see a lovely vanilla series come along, seeing as hentai as of late has been teetering towards the hardcore side (I'm pretty sure that Euphoria will go on forever). Now, I may be a girl, but that doesn't mean that I don't like the rough stuff. I happen to like S ...
Jul 9, 2015
I'm a girl, so sorry if that makes this review irrelevant to you. As I mentioned in a previous review, hentai has to be a bit different from others in order to stand out, especially if you watch a lot of different shows like I do. At first glance, this series looked like it was going to be mediocre because of its rather outdated art style and rather classic setup for a hentai story. Guy has some kind of item/condition/atmosphere where he has to have sex with women in order to progress/win/fix his condition. This series surprised me in that it managed to be quite ...
Jul 5, 2015
I'm a girl! Sorry if that makes this review irrelevant or anything. I would like to say that the animation is the only area where this hentai falls flat, but it isn't. The whole thing feels very rushed, with minimal artwork and no detail, just everything in block colours with some shading, if they remember. The dialogue is the sort where any hentai-eer wouldn't even need subtitles to understand what they are saying; it is that generic. Even for a hentai, the story is poor, with a literal "meet and fuck" atmosphere about it. I can list all the things that made me dislike this ...
Jun 5, 2015
Preliminary (1/4 eps)
I had hoped to review this series first, but alas alack, I have exams until the end of this month. I actually had an exam today and yesterday, so while I had time to watch it since it was only 20 minutes or so, I didn't have time to cut into my revision schedule to make this review. It's the weekend now, so I finally have time to keep going with this hentai review thing. You know the drill by now: I'm a girl so I'm sorry if that affects my review in a bad way. Moving on.

In a nutshell, it was pretty awesome. I ...
May 9, 2015
Honestly, this would have gotten a solid 9 from me if the hentai hadn't started to lose itself a bit towards the end. Trust me, I'm all for harems, but this one was definitely the most forced harem I've ever seen in hentai. It's a real shame since it started off AMAZINGLY and I was pretty awe-stricken. Alas, alack, some things just aren't meant to be, I guess. It still managed to get a nice 8 though, so the good parts at the start definitely outweighed the "please stop that" parts near the end. Well, part. I feel like it only fell apart because they ...

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