Apr 5, 2016
CrustyRolls (All reviews)
Ok, so, harem hentai, right? I usually hate it. But for this one I'll make an exception. The story is as generic as it gets, a protagonist has to choose between 4 of his sisters. I can't for the life of me remember their names, so I'll name them what they are; Deredere-nee, Maid-nee, Tsundere-nee and Oujou-nee. This episode features Maid-nee followed by Oujou-nee.

The art is, on the whole, great. Not as good as Amakano or Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare, but definitely above par for someone like me who is used to watching older stuff from Mary Jane and Milky animation. The girls are consistently in proportion, except for one of Maid-nee's asscheeks, which has a line that shouldn't be there. It bothered my inner artiste (I'm actually shit), but I survived it. The other boo-boo of note was that sometimes the protag's eyes looked creepily vacant, or boss-eyed. Obviously a case of slightly messing up the proportions of the lights in his eyes. Anime eyes are a bitch like that. Still made me expect him to go Higurashi on my ass or something. *Shudders*

The voice acting is, on the whole, good. Maid-nee sounded a bit wooden at times, but it wasn't really noticable. ALSO. Finally, a protagonist who isn't afraid to vocalize once in a while! It makes me love hentai again just because of a few occasional moans. See, PoRO? It's not that difficult to make Crusty happy!

Also, write down the date, because we can actually see this protagonist's eyes. Yay.

This hentai does differentiate from others in the genre, because: Thighs.
Rather, a thigh job? No, not quite. More like between-the-thighs-and-the-calf-job.
Nailed it.
The first scene with Maid-nee is close to perfect in my honest opinion. The calf job(?) was creative and something I haven't really seen before. (The other hentai I saw it in was fat-old-man-rape-the-animation so it was kinda gross).

Sadly, the censoring is lazy and goes over the sides, but I generally look at a whole scene rather than just the nether regions, so while it disappointed me at first, it really didn't affect my "viewing" experience. There was also a kinda half-assed opening theme which I didn't care for. There wasn't really any momentum for it to ruin, so it wasn't as damaging as it has been in other hentai.

The introduction to the sisters etc is also insanely boring if you've ever played an eroge in your life. I may or may not have skipped 5 minutes.

Ok, ok, ok. I have to mention this, but I hate being too explicit in my reviews. Oh well. The fellatio in this episode is particularly good. By which I mean that it's more interesting than in other hentai. Usually hentai fellatio looks like an anime head bobbing about like a jellyfish for a while, partially offscreen. Crap, right? Well, I'm not gonna spoil it or be too explicit, but they are a whoooole lot more interesting here.

Also, the way Maid-nee sucks the protag after the first scene was amazing. I've never seen anything like it to be honest.
Erm, I'm just gonna mention this here; in the scene with Oujou-nee, during the climax of the scene, they randomly change positions, from missionary to cowgirl. Pretty weird, and offputting since it messes up the momentum of the scene.

So, should you watch it? YES. Erm, only if you want to, of course...

[Wow, this was a surprisingly normal review; I didn't crack many dumbass jokes this time round. Here, I'll compensate: Sex, hahahaha! Amirite?]